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Cao Bang, being one of the least populated provinces in Northern Viet Nam, is one that encompasses several points of historical interest as well as distinguishable natural features. The site has been selected by NatCom and local government as a model for comprehensive master planning, one that emphasizes the sustainable management of natural resources with the participation of local communities, the private sector and scientists.

As highlighted in its annual review meeting, NatCom announced their increasing efforts in implementing the National Programme on Geoparks in 2017. In addition to the preparation for the second review of Dong Van Global Geopark, Viet Nam submitted a nomination dossier for the Cao Bang Geopark for recognition as a Global Geopark by UNESCO’s Global Geopark Network (GGN) in November 2016.

In response to the national request for UNESCO’s support, in December 2016, Professor Guy Martini, Chairman of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council, led a 10-day field assessment of 10 districts of Cao Bang provinces including Hoa An, Ha Quang, Nguyen Binh, Thach An, Tra Linh, Quang Uyen, Phuc Hoa, Ha Lang and Trung Khanh. The visit was supported by UNESCO’s introduction of relevant tools and methodologies in participatory site management with examples of case studies and previous projects.

The field assessment, showed that while Cao Bang Geopark meets some of the criteria as a Global Geopark it requires further development in its linkage between management systems and geological heritage (including aspects of its natural, cultural and intangible heritages).

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