Annoucement Ceremony on the Establishment of Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park

On May 13th People’s committee of Cao Bang province organized a Ceremony on Declaration of the Decision of the deputy Prime Minister on the establishment  of Phia Oac –Phia Den National park.

The Phia Oac- Phia Den national park has total natural area of 10.593 ha. It is located in Thanh Cong, Quang Thanh, Phan Thanh, Hung Dao communes and Tinh Tuc town, Nguyen Binh district, which is in the western part-Experience Phia Oac-Moutains of Transformation of the Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global Geopark. The Phia Oac-Phia Den national park has been famous for its beautiful and premitive landscapes. This is home to about 90 rare flora spicies and 58 fauna spicies. This National park is considered as “green lung”, and play important roles in conditioning climate and absorb CO2.

The Annoucement Ceremony on the establishment of the Phia Oac-Phia Den, National Park.

           The main objective of this National park is to protect the current forest area in addition to the restoration and enrichment of natural forest, maintain the seedling of local varieties and speciality for plantation of new forest, increase the forest coverage and ensure evironment security; enhance capacity of the preventative forest to keep water, minimize the erosion, flood, ecological environment protection, stabilizing the protection and improving livelihood for the people in the lower section area.

There are 3 fuctions zones: strict protection zone; ecological restoration zone, and administrative service zone. The Strict protection zone has a total area of 4.035,5 ha. The buffer zone of the national park has a total area of 8.276,1 ha located on the area of 6 communes namely Phan Thanh, Thanh Cong, Quang Thanh, Hung Dao, Vu Nong and The Duc, and Tinh Tuc town of Nguyen Binh district.

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