Experience sharing in the development of Geopark with Dac Nong province

On November 27th 2017, the working delegation of Dac Nong province led by Mrs. To Thi Ngoc Hanh met with People’s committee of Cao Bang province in developing Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. Mr. Trinh Huu Khang and representative leaders of departments of the province and Management board of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark received the delegation.

                Mrs. Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh, Vice chairwoman of People’s committee of Dac Nong province shared the difficulties of the province in developing the geopark in Dac Nong province, especially the development of application dossier to submit to Unesco. She hoped that after the study tour to Cao Bang province, Dac Nong province would have new initiatives in developing geopark in the province.

Mr.Trinh Huu Khang, vice Chairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province delivered a speech at the meeting.

Mr. Trinh Huu Khang, Vice Chairman of the People’s committee of Cao Bang and representative leaders briefed the delegation on the progress of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, shared some achievements so far of the province as well as the on going tasks to be recognized as a global geopark by Unesco. He also hoped that the two provinces would continue to keep contact, discuss and share experience in developing the geopark model.

After the meeting with the People’s committee, the delegation of Dac Nong visited the Geopark exhibition center and the three Routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

The delegation visited the Exhibition center of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark .

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