The expressions of Geomorphological-Tectonic geosite in Pac Bo Cave area

Pac Bo Cave area is a part of the Lục Khu block dissected weakly result in young karst blocks with trapezoid, connical, pointed pyramid shapes linking through the saddle, U-shaped, V-shaped valleys and fault cliffs (Figure VI.2.20).

Figure VI.2.20.Young karst landform in trapezoid shape and fault scarp in Pac Bo Figure VI.2.21. Water fall in Lenin stream

At Coc Chu, Phu Ngoc Commune, planation surface at elevation of 700-950m expresses obviously the old karst topographic with the associated towers interleaving broad-bottomed valleys, which are used for growing tobacco (Figure VI.2.22).

Ma Phuc pass with the NW-SE fault scarp and the pillow basalts (Figure VI.2.15). Expression of lateral strike-slip fault result in movements of plateau arrays (see Google Earth).

Figure VI.2.22. Old karst landform in planation surface at elevation of 700-950m in Coc Chu (left) and southern of Pac Bo (right).

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