Hoa An district organized a pilot communication session on Non Nuoc Cao Bang geopark in school

            Upon the implementation of the Plan 63/63/KH-SVHTTDL-SGD&ĐT on communication and propaganda of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, on January 11th 2018 the Office of Education and Training of Hoa An people’s committee organized an Extra curricular activities on the Geopark in Hoang Tung Lower secondary school. This event was attended by representatives from Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark Management board of Department of culture, sports and tourism, office of Environment and Natural resources, School board of schools in Hoa An district.

Hoà An is a district embraced a lot of cultural, historical and geological sites and located in the Route 2 Experience history of Freedom of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. Therefore, the communication for enhanced awareness of the geopark played important role in preservation and development of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

The Extra curricular focused on communication and education on traditional cultures, history and geological values and biodiversity, as well as landscapes of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

Students made a presentation ơn heritage sites in Non nước Cao Bằng geopark.

Through plays, art performance, and presentation on Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, teachers, students learned more about cultural, historical, biodiversity, geological and landscape values in the place where they are living. This would then make them feel pround of their residential areas and actively contribute to the communication and education for their community on the need of protection and promotion of these values.

Traditional costumes of Ethnic minority groups living in the Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. 

             After the event in Hoang Tung lower secondary school, the Office of Education and Training cooperated with Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark organized a meeting with other schools to discuss and learnt experience from Hoang Tung lower secondary school for better implementation of this activity in other schools.

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