Eagerness to go on festival at Le King's Temple

Monday - 27/05/2024 10:57
On February 15 (ie the 6th day of Tet), Hoa An District People's Committee organized the Le King Temple Festival and announced the decision to recognize Vietnamese heritage trees in 2024.
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Located on the northern experience route - "Journey back to the national origins " of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, about 10 km from Cao Bang city, Le King Temple is located in the Na Lu citadel complex in Hoang Tung commune, (Hoa An). The temple was built in the Southeast direction, temple door turned towards the Mang river bank. Previously, the temple had a Quoc-shaped structure, with a worship hall, main hall and harem, with left and right houses on both sides. In the main hall is an altar worshiping the robe and sword of King Le Thai To (Le Loi). In 1995, the government ranked Le King Temple as a National Historical and Cultural Monument, a gathering place for festivals, cultural and artistic activities of people in the area.

Le King Temple Festival is held on January 6 (lunar month) every year. The ceremony is conducted on the night of January 5. The festival includes cultural activities, arts, and folk games such as raft racing, Chinese chess, human chess, stick pushing, tug of war..., and visiting food stalls.

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The festival attracts visitors from all over because of its unique cultural activities and the sacredness of a pilgrimage back to the national origins of Vietnamese people on the journey to explore the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark.

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On this occasion, the Provincial Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment announced the decision of the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment to recognize and label Vietnamese heritage trees in 2024 including 2 Banyan trees and 1 Magnolia tree at Le King Temple precinct.

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