“Geopark Ambassador Club” of Quang Uyen Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities protects the environment from small actions

Tuesday - 04/06/2024 22:38
On March 6th, 2024, Quang Uyen Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities organized experiential and educational extracurricular activities about Mountain Angel Eye geosite, Cao Chuong commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province.
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The students cleaning up the surounding area of Mountain Angel Eye
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folk dance performance

The extracurricular program took place with exciting activities such as field experiencing and learning about the value of Mountain Angel Eye geosite, answering questions about the Geopark, and playing the quiz game "What heritage site am I?", performing folk dance "Cao Bang - my hometown", etc.

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playing quiz about the Geopark

The extracurricular program of Quang Uyen Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities is a practical activity in communicating and educating about environmental and heritage portection integrating with Geopark education, and creating a passion for broadening knowledge, forming new ideas and new skills; thereby improving the quality of school educational activities.

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