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Located at the end of Phja Thap village, Mr. Kim’s homestay is an ideal place for travel lovers to explore the culture and the daily life of Nung An ethnic group in Cao Bang province.
Homestay is the place where Mr. Long's family has lived for generations, and Mr. Long is the third generation. The house still retains the traditional architecture with yin yang roof, wooden floor, walls and staircase...His family is one of households village still practice traditional culture, especially traditional incense making craft of the Nung An people in Quang Hoa district.
Mr. Kim’s homestay started receiving guests from 2017. The homestay not only provides lodging services and local culinary experiences but also offers experiential activities such as trekking, hiking, making traditional incense sticks, etc.


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Coming to Mr. Kim’s homestay, visitors would be immersed in traditional cultural space of the Nung An ethnic people. It is a must-visit destination for those who love to experience community tourism.

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