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Non Nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark (UGGp), founded on 22nd December 2015, includes 9 districts (Ha Quang, Hoa An, Nguyen Binh, Tra Linh, Quang Uyen, Trung Khanh, Ha Lang, Phuc Hoa and Thach An) with a total area of 3,072 km2. The geopark contains 130 unique heritage sites; some of them are ranked by the prestigious scientific magazines to have international significances. Since its establishment, the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang has received lots of support from the Party Committee, People’s council, People’s committee, and the Steering committee as well as active cooperation from Departments and districts in the its development process.
The Ceremony on receiving the UNESCO global geopark lable of Non nuoc Cao Bang.

In 2018, the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp achieved remarkable outputs, especially in the communication for awareness enhancement and promotion area. Specifically, the Board organized successfully the commucation and education sessions for communities on geopark including 5 provincial level courses for 575 turns of public officials, manager and staff working in tourism service sector; cooperated with the Department of Education and training to provide the training of trainer training for 229 teachers at primary, secondary and high school level; organized 04 education and communication courses of more than 437 participants, who are representatives of the office of Cultures and communication, commune officials, youth union, and tourists’ service provider in the district area on global geopark and geological heritages in 4 provinces: Ha Giang, Tra Linh, Nguyen Binh and Hoa An. The Board has issued 4 News letters in 2018, leaflets and guide books of the three experience routes. It also completed the project on updating the UNESCO logo and informational panel system in the geopark. In 2018, the Board also organized the summing up the first Competition on “Best shots of Non nuoc Cao Bang and landscapes in Cao Bang” and launched the second Competition on “Best shots of Non nuoc Cao Bang and landscapes in Cao Bang in 2019”.

In particular, in 2018 the image of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark once again became widely known through the Ceremony on receiving the UNESCO global geopark title; many representative leaders from Ministries and central agencies, especially the Prime Minister of Viet Nam participated at the event.

In addition, in 2018, the Board actively introduced the image of Cao Bang to the world. At the conference of GGN held in Italia, the Cao Bang delegation organized a promotional stand on Non Nuoc Cao Bang geopark, made 02 presentations on the of Non Nuoc Cao Bang, and chaired successfully one Conference session.

The continuation of carrying out the promotion on UENSCO global geopark plays important role the increase the effectiveness of the UNESCO global geopark model, which will contribute positively to the branding of Cao Bang tourism, then the improvement of livelihood of local communities in the geopark area in particular and in Cao Bang in general. It also helps to increase awareness of local communities in the preservation of environment, natural conservation, traditional, cultural, historical values of local communities, and make best use of competive advantages of the province such as ecological, cultural and community-based tourism. Last but not least, it will help to mobilize national and international investment into tourism sector of Cao Bang.

To promote and make best use of these advantages of Cao Bang in 2019 and the period 2019-2022, the Management boar of Non nuoc Cao Bang will focus on some of following tasks:

 Continuing to carry out communication and promotion activities to raise awareness of communities in the geoaprk area, especially the tourists’ service providers, geopark partners on the importantce of the development of UNESCO global geopark in Cao Bang, so that they will actively participate in and support the development of UENSCO global geopark model in Cao Bang.

To assist the communication and communication activities, the Management board will develop some IEC material for the promotion of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark such as: the News letter in 2019, the Leaflets of the Three experience routes; design and the communicational identified images of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

In addition, the update of the website and social sites to promote the image of Non nuoc Cao Bang is one of other important activities, in which the Management board will pay more attention to use facebook in branding its values, and develop a feedback collection mechanism to the quality of service provided in the geopark area on TripAdvisor.

Framework signing ceremony between People’s committee of Cao Bang province and Institute of Geology and Mineral resources.
Framework signing ceremony between People’s committee of Cao Bang province and Institute of Geology and Mineral resources.

The  Management board consulted and prepare the signing of Framework contract with the Institute of Geologoy and Mineral resources, and international experts on the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, including the task on communication and branding of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp for the period 2018-2022; agreed on the monthly meeting schedule with the UNSCO expert and UNESCO global geopark network in Viet Nam, and the Institute of Geologoy and Mineral resources

To cooeprate wtih Dong Van karst plateau UGGp, Ha Giang, the Institute of Geologoy and Mineral resources to organize the UNESCO global geopark information day in Hanoi to introduce geo-tours of the two UGGps to national and international tour operators.

To enhance the education, communication and promotion of UGGp in communities and schools; support to development education tools; and bring students for field studies in geopark areas (with subjects related to the teaching curriculums in schools, etc).

To develope field collaborators, and tour guides in heritage sites in geopark area; carry our communication activities for tourists’ service providers in the geopark area; strengthen the geopark partners and complete the set of criteria on mass media; and carry out some initiatives to support livelihood improvement for ethnic groups living in the geopark area.

To carry our communication activities on environment and landscapes in the geopark area, especially the heritage sites; develop an M&E system and periodically conduct field inspection for timely action of site protection; to consult the Peopel’s committee to develop plan of Cao Bang to participate in the 6th APGN in Indonesia; to strenthen international cooperation with other UGGps to introduce the images of Cao Bang to the worlds. 

Non nuoc Cao Bang is a new UGGp, so the development of the geopark following criteria of UNESCO is still facing certain difficulties, especially the criteria realted to the community engagement in the development Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp. Therefore, to meet this criteria, the communicaiton and promotional activities will play a key role so that communities living in the geopark area can understand the importance for the development of UNESCO global geopark. The advertisment of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark on mass media will help to the draw attention of visitors to experience Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, which then will contribute to the development of tourism sector of Cao Bang province. 


Source: Trương Thế Vinh - Phó Giám đốc Sở VHTT&DL - Trưởng Ban quản lý CVĐC toàn cầu UNESCO non nước Cao Bằng

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