Cao Bang Geopark

Field survey at geo-site organized with the participation of English teachers

From October 13-15, the Management Board of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark conducted a field survey at geosites in the Geopark territory for the teachers volluteering for the 8th Asia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) Symposium 2024 in Cao Bang.
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Visiting an Information center of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark.

The delegation conducted a field survey at the following geo-sites: on the East route: Ma Phuc Pass, Mountain Angel Eye, Phja Thap incense village, Forging village, Khuoi Ky stone village, Ban Gioc waterfall; on the North route: King Le temple, De Doong temple, Nguom Slua, Keo Yen panorama, Lung Luong ammonite, Pac Bo Special National Monument; on the West route: Lang Mon ancient coral, dragon-back panorama, Phaj Oac panorama, Tran Hung Dao Forest Special National Monument, Phja Oac granite rock and Kolia tea planation.

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A villager of Dia Tren introduced local products to the field survey delegation.

At each site on the 3 tourism routes of the Geopark, the delegation was informed about the formation and values of the site; and practiced interpreting the geo-site to international delegates attending the APGN Symposium.

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Field survey at Ma Phuc Pass (Quang Hoa District).

After the field survey, the teachers were equipped with information on the geo-sites to serve the tasks of giving consultancy support and interpreting information at geo-sites and geopark information centers during the Symposium.  It was also a chance for the teachers to learn, conduct field surveys and collect information at geo-sites which would be used to guide their students to carry out activities on geopark communication and education at their schools later.

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The delegation took a group photo at Kolia tea planation (Nguyen Binh District).

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