Cao Bang Geopark


canh quan lung rong

“Dragon-back panorama” is a unique topography in The Duc commune, Nguyen Binh district. In fact it is a karst planation surface hundreds of metres long at the altitude of 700-800m asl. When seen from afar, the mountains are similar to the back of dragon hiding inside the cloud and forest.
A “karst planation surface” is a large-scale surface that is almost flat with the exception of a series of residual karst cones that resemble the back of a dragon. This kind of surface is formed during a long period of tectonic stability, when geological processes inside the Earth were relatively quiet and surficial ones such as solution and erosion prevailed.
Below the planation surface, there is a karst valley more than three kilometres long, and nearly one kilometre wide in a northeast-southwest direction. Residential houses and terraced fields are integral features of the landscape.
The karst planation surface some 700-800m high in this region has aesthetic value and is evidence of a relatively stable tectonic period about five million years ago.

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