Raising awareness of non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark in schools

             Upon the implementation of the Plan No 63/KH-SVHTTDL on raising awareness of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark in schools for the academic year 2017-2018, on 12 December 2017 some schools organized to learn about non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

The extra curricular activities of schools focused on disseminating and educating students on traditional culture, culture, history, ethnic groups, craft villages, local products and special cuisines, biodiversity, landscape and geological significance of the geopark. This activity also highlighted the 03 routes of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

Extracurricular activity of Hoa Chung Lower secondary school on learning about Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

              Route 01 “Experience Phia Oac – The mountain of transformations” leads toward the west, with the following stops: ancient ocean, Khai Phat post, beeswax brodery by Dao Tien people, Tinh Tuc tin mine, Lung Muoi and Ban Bo tungsten mines, Phia Den salmon farm, Kolia tea plantation and the Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park and Tran Hung Dao special forest special monument.

Route 2“Experience history and Freedom” route – starts from Cao Bang to the north, with the following stops: De Doong Temple, Nguom Boc cave, King Le Temple, Stone Garden, Nguom Slua, ammonite fossils, Keo Yen panorama, Cao Bang – Tien Yen fault and the Pac Bo Special Monument, and records of President Ho Chi Minh’s activities during 1941-1944

Route 3: The third route “Experience of traditional culture in a wonderland” leading toward the east is a highlight for visitors. Besides mature and senescent karst in Thang Hen Lake, Nguom Ngao cave, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Mountains Eye as well as various fossil sites and geo-sites, visitors can visit the traditional craft villages, festivals; traditional garments of Tay and Nung People and special cuisines including sour marinated pork, grilled pork, roasted duck, roasted pig with fragrant leaf.

 Competition of Students in Can Nong Lower secondary school, Thong Nong district on Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

              Learning about the geopark through art performance, singing, competition, and putting on plays has provided teachers and students in schools with knowledge of landscapes and bio-diversity, cultural, historical and geological significance of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark; made them feel proud of the place where they are living in, and they would, then, contribute to educate their communities on protection, preservation and promotion these values of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

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