Sour Phở of Cao Bằng

The sour Phở of Cao Bằng is definitely held the limelight spot of Cao Bang culinary. One of the best dishes in Vietnam, Cao Bang Phở is a cool, flavorfully abundant and it is suitable to eat during autumn or summer. Used to be served in special events, the sour phở is now served as breakfast.

Cao Bang phở is special thanks to its rice vermicelli’s softness, the fleshy of the livers, the fat of bacon, roasted duck, the spicy of chili, the extra fat of peanut, and the aroma of the pork’s intestine.  In the summer time, it is good to have the sour of the sauce. The first time, you may find it peculiar, but the next time, it is nothing but delicious.

(Theo vietnamflavor)

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