Training workshop on raising awareness of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark in Tra Linh district

On November 3rd 2017, The management board of non nuoc Cao Bang geoaprk in cooperation with People’s committee of Tra Linh district organized a training workshop on raising awareness of Non nuoc Cao Bang goepark for about 100 participants who are officers of the People’s committee of Tra Linh district, some representative leaders from communes and villages in the geopark area of the district.

Mrs. Chu Thị Vinh, Vice Chairwoman delivered an opening remarks at the Training workshop.

            The training focused on some key topics such as the development of non nuoc Cao Bang geopark; some distinguished values of heritages in the geopark area; the tourism development program of Cao Bang province, Code of conducts in tourism; the tourism promotion plan of the province 2015-220, etc.

After the training, the participants would be the key propagandists at the work place and their communities; to educated their community in protection, preservation, and promotion of geological, historical, cultural, biodiversity values and environmental protection in their community,  which would, then, contribute to the development of tourism of Cao Bang province.

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