Unconformity between upper Cambrian deposits of Than Sa formation and lower Devonian deposits of Song Cau series (DS 6160)

  • Location: on the right bank of Que Son River, about 150m from Minh Long irrigational dam to the SE, Minh Long commune, Ha Lang District. Coordinates 22°49’61”N, 106°46’10”E.
  • Description: The low part mainly consists of thin-bedded marlaceous shale, thin- banded, interbeds or lenses of clayish limestone, limestone. They all have a greenish gray, pale yellow when being weathered. Unconformably overlying layers are conglomerate, sandstone, interbeds of dark red shale.
  • The uniqueness: this unconformity relation is very rare, characterizes of Caledonian Orogeny, a geological boundary has significant connotation for science and education.
  • Conservation Status: Not yet protected. This geological heritage is located on the river bank, under the traffic roads so it is easily ruined
Conglomerate of Song Cau series (left) overlain unconformity on marlaceous shale Than Sa formation (right).

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