Red color belief in the traditional lunar new year in Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:43
According to the traditional belief, the red color demonstrates good luck and properous, with the bustling and holy atmosphere of traditional lunar new year the red color is visible everywhere.
Red color belief in the traditional lunar new year in Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp

First, it is really popular practice of Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, San Chi in Cao Bang to wrap some items in red paper. This is one of traditional customs practiced long time ago. On the 30th of December (lunar calenda) people wake up and clean their houses, after finish cleaning their house, the altar and the incense bow, people will cut a pice of red paper and put it under the incese bow and a pice of red paper is sticked on the altar, which is the most important and holy place in their house. This express their wish for a new year of properous and good health. Some Tay and Nung people go to ask for letters from well-know religious practictioners on a pice of red cloth to wish for good health, this is nomarlly hung near the altar. For Dao people, they usually cut the red paper into bird and fish shape, etc. The bird shape demonstrates the power of forest and moutain, fish demonstrates the power of nature, which help the acestor to pray for the good lucks in the new year.

Worshiping practice in Sung Phuc Pagoda, Ha Lang, Cao Bang
Worshing practice in Sung Phuc Pagoda, Ha Lang, Cao Bang

According to the belief of ethnic minority groups, some agricultural tools in families need to be rested during the festival so people use red paper to wrap these tools as well, some also tight the Trung cake or sticky rice power bar to these tools to express their gratitudes to these tools for the contribution to the crop in the year. Particularly, Mong people clean these tools and hang these tools near their altar. In addition, people also use red paper to stick on their animal cages to wish for good health for the animals.

          On the festival of the new year, people send each other best wishes which are also demonstrated through their decoration of red color in the spiritual practices and festival activities. People also use bright color to decorate their dishes in the new year such as 5 color sticky rice and red eggs, etc.

          The red color is also a representation of happiness of kids and expection of adults for children of being smart and good health through lucky mony in red envelops.  

          The red color is a special cultural feature in the spiritual life of Vietnamese in general and ethnic minority group in particular in the traditional lunar new year with the hope for good luck, happiness, and family union. On these days, houses of ethnic minority group in moutainous areas are mostly in red color in combination with the white and red color of roses, white color of plum flower along the village access road and the green color of tree young shoots all together create an attractive atmosphere to visitors to Non nuoc Cao Bang. 

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