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The waterfall looks like a little version of the famous Ban Gioc waterfall (site N°44)
Local people use bamboo raft to cultivate their fields
Thoong Got II hydropower plant is located in the middle part of Quay Son river
The panorama seen from “Little Ban Gioc” is named locally “Thoong Got Paronama” (Thoong: waterfall, Got: the end point). It is located in Po Tau village, Chi Vien commune which is home to the Hydropower Plant of Truong Minh II Co., Ltd (built in 2010) with capacity of 3.5 MW.

This hydropower plant, situated in the middle part of Quay Son river, exploits the flow of Thoong Got I hydropower plant upstream of the river. Quay Son River originates from Guangxi, China and flows into several communes in Trung Khanh District and Ha Lang District before flowing back to Da Xin, GuangxiChina. The total area of the Quay Son river basin is about 6,025 km2.

The geological features of this site have been shaped by tectonic faulting, resulting in crumpled and crushed zones, which then experienced weathering, erosion, and denudation processes, forming erosion grooves on limestone or clayey limestone bedrock. In the riverbed are a number of rocks covered with moss and bushes creating an impressive view.

The most beautiful season for visiting this panorama is from September to October, when visitors can enjoy exciting falls and the ripening rice field scene. Here, visitors also have opportunities to experience bamboo rafting crossing the river or stilt-house homestays service.

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