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xuong theu nguoi dao tien
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For many generations, Dao Tien women in Hoa Tham village have been preserving traditional brocade embroidery and printed patterns from beeswax. Traditions also require that before getting married Dao Tien women have to learn brocading and sewing so that they can weave themselves their wedding dress.
Embroidered brocade products of the local people have stunning patterns with various meanings, reflecting the cultural lives and beliefs of the Dao people. For example the polygram stars imply the power of the Universe/Nature. The single dog or coupled dogs remind people to remember and respect their ancestors. The octagram or cockscomb flowers, which are brocaded on the Dao women’s headscarves and skirts, are to wish for fortune etc. In addition, patterns of trees, flowers, leaves, and animals etc., which are closely related to the daily life of the Dao people.
The main materials for these products are jute yarn and flax, both of which are locally available. The brocading is entirely manual, by the women’s very scrupulous and skillful hands. A number of steps have to be made before getting a finished fabric e.g. jute planting, linen plucking, fiber making, fabric weaving and dyeing and finally brocading. The embroidered brocade products are mainly used for clothing, linen and household items such as blankets, towels, linen pillows and bed sheets... At present they are also used for making interior decoration, handbags or pretty souvenirs. Given the high potential for tourism development in Cao Bang, brocade embroidery and printed patterns of Dao Tien ethnic people in Hoa Tham may become of outstanding value and enjoy a larger market. This will contribute to preserving the traditional culture and providing cash income for the local people.

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