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Sung Phuc Pagoda was originally Sung Khanh Pagoda, which was said to be built since the Tran Dynasty on top of Po Kien mountain. In the Canh Hung year of the Le Hien Tong King dynasty (1740-1746), it was moved to Huyen Du field at the present Thanh Nhat town, Ha Lang district and renamed as Sung Phuc pagoda.
Sung Phuc pagoda worships Nguyen Thanh Vuong (also named Nguyen Dinh Ba) (1678), the leader of Ha Lang district, who reclaimed the area and set up the village.
The pagoda is also associated with Mrs. Nguyen Thi Due, who was awarded the highest rank in a doctoral examination of the Ban Thanh National University of Cao Bang during the Mac Dynasty. She was the only female doctor in the feudal history of Vietnam examinations.
According to literature, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Due stayed in Sung Phuc pagoda for seven years with the title of Dieu Huyen and taboo name of Du. During that time she taught morality and kindness to local people. The Huyen Du village next to Ha Lang town was grafted from her title and taboo names.
The pagoda was recognized as National historical monument in 1993 following Decision No. 68VH/QD dated 29th January 1993.

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