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The De Doong (meaning “Giang Dong in local language) temple is located in the hamlet of the same name, next to the Bang River that flows through the so-called Hoa An depression, which, in turn, is formed as a result of the deep-seated Cao Bang-Tien Yen Fault. This is the only site within the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark where visitors can experience the local life and landscape that resemble a deltaic village, within a mountainous area.

De Doong Temple was built in 1429. At first, the temple worshiped the River God and Mountain God, who were believed to bring great benefits to the local people of the ancient Nhuong Ban commune, Thach Lam district. The temple is also associated with the stories of river taming and flood control; hence King Mac Kinh Cung named it Giang Dong temple. By the Post-Le dynasty (1427-1789), De Doong Temple was embellished, adding a Buddha statue and a Mother Goddess. Thus, the temple has the additional function of worshiping Buddha and Mother Goddess.

De Doong Temple festival takes place annually on 15th January lunar calendar, deeply informing the spiritual life of the local people, who, with their good will and deed, always wish for peace, health, secured crop and good weather.

It was also the place where the welcome ceremony for the establishment of the Provisional People’s Committee of Cao Bang Province was held on June 15th 1945.

De Doong Temple was recognized as a Provincial Historical-Cultural Monument under Decision No. 2486/QĐ-UBND dated November 4th, 2008.

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