Some spring festivals in the eastern route of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:03
Apart from geological, bio-diversity, and historical heritage, intangible heritages of Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark has made up particular and exception significance of a UNESCO global geopark, especially the Sung Phuc pagoda spring festival and Phao Hoa cracter spring festival in Quang Uyen district.
Dragon dancing in Cracker spring festival.
Dragon dancing in Cracker spring festival.

*Sung Phuc pagoda spring festival  

Sung Phuc pagoda spring festival, located in Huyen Du village, Thanh Nhat commune, Ha Lang district. The pagoda, built during the Tran dynasty, is located in the rectangular shape campus in the Norther-South direction. The pagoda, which closely associated with buddihsm, is accommodated with the statue of the Bodhisattva in the harem. While Thanh Hoang shrines, which is located in the campus, was built for worshiping Nguyen Dinh Ba- A Sennior integrity officer, who was highly respected by local people. In addition, the pagoda is also used to worship Dr. Nguyen Thi Due, who practiced Buddhism for 6 years in the Pagoda with the nickname of Huyen Du. She also taught Buddhism to people and was highly respected by local people, people also named this pagoda as Huyen Du pagoda. This pagoda was ranked as the provincial level monument in 1993. 

Untill now, the Sung Phuc spring festival is organized annually on January 15 (lunar calenda). For the ritual practice, the organizing committee and local people first put the insence on the altar to show their respects to the Bodhisattva and thank for her protection for peace, security, happiness, and prosperity

The ritual practice will be followed by lots of festival activities and traditional games such as pushing stick, tug, chess, etc. Particularly, the exchange of traditional love songs such as Ha Leu, Luon Then, Nung Khen, ect among young couples which is usually an attraction to people of all ages in the Festival. In addition, Chinese people who are living near the border area of Ha Lang district usually come to join the Festival.  

*Phao Hoa (cracker) spring festival in Quang Uyen district

People loved to engage in challenges of Traddional games at the Sung Phuc Sprin festival.
People loved to engage in challenges of Traddional games at the Sung Phuc Sprin festival.

The Phao Hoa Spring festival in Quang Uyen district is organized annually in February (lunar calenda) in some areas of Quang Uyen, Phuc Hoa, Ha Lang and Thach An district. The Festival, celebrated in Quang Uyen district, is organized annually on the February 2nd (Lunar calenda).

Before the festival comes the ritual practice, which is celebrated from the afternoon of the previous day (February 1st). The organizing committee of the Festival and local people come to the Bach Linh shrine, which located at the entrance of the town to present their offerings and pray for good luck, prosperity and protection from the god. Bach Linh was built for the worship of more than 100 sacred gods, which has been its sacredness, on the top list of these sacred gods is the dragon, one of the most four most sacred god with magic power.   

The next morning February 2nd (Lunar calendar) will followed by the procession of palanquin of local gods, then the cracker, and the palanquin with the roasted pig and lastly the procession of the dragon. Nowaday, people also use the palanquin with picture of uncle Ho to lead the procession. The practice of god procession started from the Bach Linh shrine to Nung Tri Cao Bang temple, which dated back to the Tran Hung Dao dynasty. The procession delegation escort the palanquins through the town, public offices, households with the aims to bring gods to visit local people and give them good lucks, and people are really happy and excited to receive the procession delegation.

The festival activities are organized in the afternoon of Febuary 2nd, especially the cracker game. This is one of sport game which promotes and requires physical health and the combination of skill and spirit, assert, activeness, knightliness, great-heartedness of young people. The organizing committee will gather the young males circling the center of the game; the one who get the wreath hung at the head of the cracker is believed to have good luck and prosperity in the year. The award for the winners will be the roasted pig and the head of the roasted pig will be reserved for the one who got the wreath. On this day, almost all household will make 5 color sticky rice and roasted pig, one of the most special dishes in the Festival together with other local snacks and drinks. Visitors to the Festival might be entertained with dragon dancing, football, the exchange of love longs of young couples, and traditional games which help to make up a distinguished traditional Festival of local people.

The Cracker festival in Quang Uyen is one of the most interesting one in Cao Bang and attracts lots of visitors. In addition, Quang Uyen district locates in the center of the region and in a favorable position connecting to other main transportation routes of eastern districts, which ease the travel of nearby people.

Source: Lê Chí Thanh

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