International conference on “sustainable tourism development through geopark model” in Cao Bang province

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:10
On May 8th 2019, at the Conference Center People’s committee of Cao Bang province cooperated with UNESCO to organize the International Conference on “Sustainable tourism development through UENSCO global geopark model”.
Overview of the Conference.
Overview of the Conference.

Mr.Trieu Dinh Le, Standing deputy secretary of party committee of Cao Bang province, Mr. Guy Martini, Chairman of UNESCO global geopark council, representative of IUGS, Mr. Mai Phan Dung, the standing Director of Department of Foreign cultural relation and UNESCO affairs, MoFA, General secretary of NATCOM Viet Nam, representative leaders of central agencies, central and northern provinces, Management board of geoparks of Ha Giang, Dak Nong, Quang Ngai, and international organizations, NGOs in Cao Bang attended the Conference. Especially, representative from UGGps of African, Latin-America, Asia, and Europe participated at this event. Mr.Nguyen Trung Thao, Vice Chairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province hosted the Conference.

In his opening remarks, Mr.Nguyen Trung thao-Vicechairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province said that the Conference was really important to Cao Bang province, which aimed at promoting cultural, historical, geological and bio-diversity values in relation to the development of tourism and socio-economic of the province. Cao Bang province considered this would be one of its few opportunities to learn from experience in the development and mobilization of UNESCO global geopark of other countries, geoparks, and international conferences. Particularly suggestions from international experts and scholars on the protection of environments and preservation of heriatages, development of tour connection, geopark partners and tourists services for sustainable tourism development would be of significant to the province.

The Conference was devided into 02 thematic sesstions. The Thematic session 1 focused on the topic “UNESCO global geopark model-A sustainable development approach for tourism development” while the thematic session 2 emphasised on “Experiences and successful model”.  

In the Thematic session 1 of the Conference, the lectures and presentations of national and international experts and scholars focused on the importance of geology, geological science to life, especially its roles to education and tourism, the shift from science-to-science model to science for life model; the objectives and criteria of UNESCO global geopark lable; the role of UNESCO global geopark to support the SDGs with the version to 2030; the importance of community education in UGGps, examples from GGN and APGN; experiences of developing UGGp in Cao Bang province for toursin development; experience in engaging local community, ensuring gender equality and job creation for disadvantaged groups in Iran and Tanzania; Action plan  for brand development of Cao Bang based on Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp and business development strategy in the geopark territory.

 In the Thematic session 2 of the Conference, scholars and experts focused their presentation on the experience in developing UGGps in Latin America, Europe, Thai Land and Dong Vang Karst plateau; initiatives on promoting indigenous knowledge for tourism development in Cao Bang, environmental protection and livelihood improvement connected with  community- and-small industry- based tourism development. Lots of experiences in UGGp-based tourism development evidented with practical examples and successful models were presented, which might provide useful inputs for Cao Bang province in its tourism development strategy in the future. The scholars and scientists also provided suggestions for the UGGp-based tourism development, for example, the tourism brand development for tourism of Cao Bang built on the significances of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, development of geo-product and mobilization of community engagement in tourism development, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thao, Vice chairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province highly appreciated the discussion and sharing of scholars and experts at the Conference, some of them do not only have scientific contribution but also valued as guideline for sustainable socio-economic development and the development of UGGp. In addition, some discussions on initiatives, practical experience on community education and promotion of indigenous knowledge in developing the geopark play important roles towards sustainable tourism development.   

Cao Bang province has strong commitment towards the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark following the criteria of UNESCO and mobilizes this model for socio-economic development, which is suitable to the current situation of the province and aiming at developing the brand for tourism of Cao Bang. The province hopes that it would continue to have support from central Ministries and agencies, NATCOM Viet Nam, and joint hands from GGN, national and international scientists for the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp following criteria of UNESCO, and in relation to the Millenium development goals for the preservation and promotion of human heritages.

 To acknowledge contribution of experts and scientists for the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, People’s committee of Cao Bang province awarded the Certificate of Merit of Chairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province to Mr. Guy Martini, General secretary, Chairman of UNESCO global council and Mr. Tran Tan Van, Ass.Prof Tran Tan Van, Head of the Institue of Geology and Mineral resources.

Mr. Trieu Dinh Le witnessed the cooperation signing ceremony between Non nuoc Cao Bang (Cao Bang) and Dong Van Karst plateau UGGps (Ha Giang).
Mr. Trieu Dinh Le witnessed the cooperation signing ceremony between Non nuoc Cao Bang (Cao Bang) and Dong Van Karst plateau UGGps (Ha Giang).

To futher develop Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp following criteria and promote values of a UGGp, on this occasion, Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp signed a cooperation framework with Dong Van Karst plateau (Ha Giang).


Source: Tr. Thùy

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