Unesco Global Geopark youth forum

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:39
The GGN Executive Board at its 63rd Meeting which took place in Beijing decided the establishment of a new activity and Advisory Body of GGN, the UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARKS YOUTH FORUM
Đại diện của các nước tại diễn đàn thanh thiếu niên của UNESCO.
Đại diện của các nước tại diễn đàn thanh thiếu niên của UNESCO

Each Country hosting UNESCO Global Geoparks will be represented in the GGN YOUTH FORUM with youth delegates engaged with UNESCO Global Geoparks that believe in their power of making changes and aim to become influential within their communities.

The main purpose of the UNESCO Global Geoparks YOUTH FORUM is to offer young people an opportunity to engage more concretely in the preparation of the philosophy mandate and activities of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, elaborate their contribution to the debates of the 10th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks and foster their commitment to the realization of the future they want, being actors of change in their territories. They will elaborate their proposal for actions contributing to the UNESCO Global Geoparks strategic framework for action 2020-2024, to address heritage protection, natural hazards mitigation, climate change and sustainable development in general.

The 1st Assembly of the YOUTH FORUM will take place in parallel with the 10th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks which will take place in Jeju island, Republic of Korea in September 2020.

Participants need to be aged from 18 to 24 years (according to UN/UNESCO Youth designation), showing their engagement with UNESCO Global Geoparks:

  •     in their respective living/working contexts - territories and communities already included in the UNESCO Global Geoparks
  •     on issues related to Geological Heritage conservation, climate change adaptation, natural disaster mitigation, geo-tourism and sustainable territorial development.

Participants can be Geopark staff, Geopark partners, University researchers, phd candidates, university students or school students with clear engagement through their research or educational activity. Observers may include Youths from Countries hosting aspiring UNESCO Global Geoparks.

GGN - National Geopark Fora or Committees are responsible to nominate the representative of each country in the UNESCO Global Geoparks YOUTH FORUM and shall cover the expenses for their participation in the UNESCO Global Geoparks YOUTH FORUM meetings.

If a country wishes to nominate more representatives for the UNESCO Global Geopark YOUTH FORUM then the youth representatives of a country consist a country team with one vote at the UNESCO Global Geopark YOUTH FORUM meetings.

In case that a country (especially those with one Geopark) has difficulty to cover the expenses of the youth participation in the GGN YOUTH FORUM, can use the grant policy of the Conference or ask for support from GGN.

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