The delegation of Unesco Global Geopark expert met with people’s committee of Cao Bang to bried on the preliminary result of the survey

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:59
On July 6th 2020, the Delegation of UNESCO global geopark expert led by Mr.Guy Martini, Senior expert, Chairperson of UNESCO global geopark council met with People's committee of Cao Bang province (PPC); the meeting was attended by Mr.Le Hai Hoa Vice Chairman of the PPC and representative leaders of departments: Cultures, sports and tourism, Finance, Education and Training, Environment and Natural resources.

At the meeting, Mr.Guy Martini, Chairperson of UNESCO global geopark council briefed on the preliminary findings of the survey from June 30th to July 5th 2020 on the progress of the Three experience routes and selection of heritage sites for the development of the 4th routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp.

        According to Mr. Guy Martini, the development of the 3 experience routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp is now on track and the Geopark has made remarkable achievements and met the recommendations of UNESCO. Local authorities and communities showed their engagement and attention to the protection, preservation and promotion of heritage sites in the 3 experience routes. However, there were some aspects that Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp needed to be improved in the coming time such as the infrastructures and environment at the heritage sites, especially the promotion of heritage sites to attract more visitors to the sites for the improvement of economic impact for local communities.

Ảnh 8
The Expert mission team surveyed at the Old French Villa, Nguyen Binh district
Ảnh 9
The Expert mission team surveyed the Hanging valley in Soc Giang, Hà Quang district
Ảnh 10
The Expert mission team surveyed Lan Homestay, a potential partner, Hang Thoang, Dam Thuy, Trung Khanh
Ảnh 11
The Expert mission team surveyed the geological heritage-Grabordiabases of Cao Bang complex, Na Lung, Duyet Trung, Cao Bang

          For the Western route of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, the Delegation highly applauded the effectiveness of the investment into infrastructure improvement at the heritage sites and activities related to the preservation and protection of the environment at the heritage sites of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp. The exhibition and information introduction at Phai Khat post were carried out effectively and very attractive to visitors. The information books were printed with high quality, especially the 3D museum in Tran Hung Dao National special historical monument is really spectacular. However, the promotion of these information in the coming time needs to integrate the information of the geopark and to introduce the values of a UNESCO global geopark.

          For the Northern route, basically the Delegation appreciated the engagement of local authorities and local communities in the protection and preservation of heritage sites, and the environmental problems have been protected. However, there are still some aspects needs to be improved, particularly the access path for visitors to some heritage sites, for example the access path to the Nguom Boc cave and Nguom Slua cave; and the rubbish bins needs to be systematically and placed properly. The Delegation also surveyed some new sites and partners to be new destination for visitors in the Northern route such as the Nam Lin heritage site, Organic farming center in Hong Viet and Hong Viet still house.   

          For the Eastern route, most of the sites have been well maintained, thought there are still some problems in the garbage management, and some sites haven’t been received properly attention. Particularly, local authorities need to pay more attention to the preservation of traditional architecture and overall scenery in the Phja Thap incense making village and Khuoi Ky stone village, attention needs to given to the mobilization and encouragement of villagers not to locate the stainless steel water tank above the roof of their houses, the replacement of ying yang tile by iron sheet as wel as the limitation and mitigation of the concrete schemes in the traditional architecture villages. At the moment, the route from Ha Lang to Trung Khanh is now under upgrate, so the sightseeing in this area would not be assured. Therefore, the decision was mad to temporarily stop this route. The Delegation team found some alternatives to these sites such as Dia Tre traditional paper producing village, Phuc Sen village, the magic water well in Lung Sang village, Hong Quang commune in Quang Hoa district; Lan Homestay which is preserving the Nung tradition, chestnut forest in Ban Khay village, Chi Vien (Trung Khanh district), and the landscape site in Na San, Chi Vien (Trung Khanh).

          For the development of the 4th route: after surveying more than 50 sites in Quang Hoa, Thach An and Cao Bang city, the Delegation shortlisted about 15 sites and partners, particularly the geological site with fossils in Neogen sendiments in Cao Bang city at Group 11, Song Hien ward, Cao Bang city. This finding has helped identify the formation of the city from the ancient lake and continent dated back to 20 millions years ago, which is a valuable heritage site of international significance.

          For the geopark education in school: the Delegation highly appreciated the initiative of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp on the implementation of the “Geopark ambassador club”. This is a new model that has been carried out by any UGGp in the world, hopefully Non nuoc Cao Bang woul share this initiative with other UGGps and Viet Nam geopark network. In addition, the Delegation applauded the initiative on the implementation of the initiative on sustainable tourism development through the UGGp model, and the Delegation hoped that Non nuoc Cao Bang would share this initiative with other UGGps as well.

          In the coming time, the UNESCO expert would continue to cooperate with the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark to consult the PPC in implementing some activities related to develop and promote the values of heritage sites, in which attention would be given to the promotion of experience routes to tour operators to bring economic benefits to local communities; apply M&E tool to collect data on income visitors to the sites for the purpose of management and making decision; implement some schemes to draw more attention from visitors such as the check-in panels; mobilize the application of 4.0 technology in providing information to visitors such as the Q.R code; consult the province on the preparation for the revalidation mission.

          In his remark at the meeting, Mr.Le Hai Hoa, vice chairman of Cao Bang PPC highly appreciated the efforts of the mission team in the evaluation of the progress of the 3 experience route and the development of the 4th route of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp. After the survey, the Mission expert team highlighted some aspects that needs to be improved and listed some tasks that the province must pay attention to improve the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp in order to level up the effectiveness of UGGp model to serve the tourism development of the province, which is one of the advantage of Cao Bang.

          Cao Bang PPC would direct local authorities and departments to pay attention to the implementation of recommendations of UNESCO. For the suggestion of the Mission expert team, Cao Bang PPC would direct departments, districts and related agencies to cooperate with the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp to implement these suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the three experience routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, and hence the economic impact for local communities. The PPC also requested the Management of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, as a focal point to cooperate with related departments and UNESCO expert to consult the PPC on the implementation of recommendation of UNESCO experts and completion of procedures for the development of the fourth route of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, and to take these as a force to stimulate the tourism growth in the future.

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