Experience the unique culture-traditional market day in Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 17:03

          Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark was designated as a UNESCO global geopark for its exceptional geology, high biological diversity, traditional typical culture and history. In addition to the mentioned values, Non nuoc Cao Bang is a land of special traditional culture values of ethnic groups living in the territory, especially their traditional market days. It will be an  exciting experience for the visitors to the market days of ethnic minority groups in Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. Though the market days are simple, they embeded unique cultural features of ethnic minority groups. it is also a chance for ethnic groups like: Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Lo Lo, San Chi, Kinh,etc to meet, exchange and purchase goods and commodities.....

59cho phien na giang ha quang pham khoa
Traditional market Na Giang, Ha Quang

          For the time of the market day, the market days  are opened on fixed days in a month, there are 6 market days rotationally which makes a closed loop as to the lunar calendar (every 5 days and 6 times/market day in a month) according to lunar calendar. The market is normally started early and in the middle of morning most of people will be about to leave for home.

          For the journey to the North of the Geoaprk, the Market day schedules are followed: Hoa An market day will be on the days ending with number 3rd and 8th the 3rd and 8th )Cao Binh market day is on the days ending with number 5 and 0 (the 5th and 10th); Na Ri market is on the days ending with number 4 and 9 (the 4th and 9th days); Na Giang market is on the days ending with 1 and 6 (the 1st and 6th days); Ban Gioi market is on the days ending with number 5 and 10 (the 5th and 10th days); Soc Ha and Tong Cot market is on the days ending with number 2 and 7 (2nd and 7th). Among those, Nuoc Hai market is the biggest one. In spite of locating in the centra of a developed township, the local people still maintain their traditions, and most of their communication to each other is in Tay language. For border market in Ha Quang district , visitors will have chance to purchase products sold by Chinese. Last but not least, we can catch the moment when Mong women go to the market in their traditinal costumes. Besides, market is plenty of must - try moutainous foods such as: Banh Troi-boiled sticky rice powder pices with sugar (peng Pha), banh Ngai, khau Sli-sugar coasted rice popcorn, soybean source, etc.

60phu nu dan toc dao do tai cho nguyen binhanh ltd
Dao Do women group in market Nguyen Binh

          For the journey to the West of the geopark (Nguyen Binh district), the market in Nguyen Binh town is one the days ending with numnber 3 and 8 (the 3rd and 8th days) in lunar calendar, Tinh Tuc market is on the days ending with number 5 and 10 (5th and 10th days), Na Bao market (the 4th and 9th days), Phai khat market (the 2nd and 7th days), Phja Đen market (the 1st and 6th days). Visitors to the market days in Nguyen Binh district will be charmed with the colorful and typical traditional costume of Dao Do and Dao Tien groups. Moreover, this place is special for traditional craft that the visitors can buy as souvernirs such as: silver, fabric embroidery and bee wax decorative printing craft and natural specialities like: mushroom, amomum, honey, vermicelli, etc.

          For the route to the East of the geopark, visitors will have opportunities to experience exceptional cultures of Nung An group in  Quang Uyen district, these can be v can visit the traditional market at Quang Uyen town ( 1st and 6th) in Lunar Calendar,  Hang Chau market ( 3rd and 8th). This place is famous for handmade products of Nung An group like: incence, paper, Cham fabric, forging and knitting… Coming to Quang Uyen market, Quang Hoa district, it is aslo a land of Nga hooc and peanut candy.         Following to this route to Trung Khanh district, the Trung Khanh market (5th and 10th days), Po Tau market ( 1st and 6th days), Po Peo market (4th and 9th days), Thong Hue (2nd and 7th days) in lunnar calendar. The visitors can buy special foods such as: Banh Khao-compressed sweetened sticky rice bar, soybean source, fried tofu, rice popcorn, white jelly ( Mac pup jelly), fresh fishes.

61san pham nghe dan lat duoc ban tai cho phien pham khoa
knitted products at traditional market

           In terms of special dish.The traditional market is typical for each season. The local people do not only go to the market to purchase commodities and products but also go to meet friends and communicate with each others, and it is also a change for dating of young girls and men.

          Coming to the market, the visitors will adore the local people who are sincere, they rarely negotiate the price the products even they will give it more  to buyers. That expresses the typical character and behaviour of ethnic minority in Cao Bang.

          It will be an interesting  opportunity for visitor to experience the traditional market days in Non nuoc Cao Bang, and join the atmosphere of the market to feel the honesty, hospitality which will leave different feelings of Cao Bang.  

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