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“Experience history and Fredom” route – starts from Cao Bang to the north, with the following stops: De Doong Temple, Nguom Boc cave, King Le Temple, Stone Garden, Nguom Slua, ammonite fossils, Keo Yen panorama, Cao Bang – Tien Yen fault and the Pac Bo Special Monument, and records of President Ho Chi Minh’s activities during 1941-1944. This route also has other historical relics, such as Ban Phu Temple, Na Lu Citadel and King Le Temple, Nung Tri Cao Temple, Kim Dong Tomb. Other notable features include flat and vast fields like those in Red River Delta or Mekong Delta, the valley of Cao Bang-Tien Yen fault, ranges of young karst and Pac Bo cave. With the experience of tasty food and several traditional craft villages (Dao Ngan, Phu Ngoc), this route of “Experience history and Fredom”, which is a one-day tour, can be the first choice of visitors for Cao Bang.

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