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Route “Experience Phia Oac – The moutain of transformations” leads toward the west, with the following stops: ancient ocean, Khai Phat post, beeswax brodery by Dao Tien people, Tinh Tuc tin mine, Lung Muoi and Ban Bo tungsten mines, Phia Den salmon farm, Kolia tea plantation and the Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park and Tran Hung Dao special forest special monument, among which the last two stops are the most important. This route has special features that visitors cannot find in any other places in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark. From a new ocean that formed on an ancient continent about 250 million years ago, this area experienced widespread magmatic activities about 85-95 million years ago, causing immense alteration in the surrounding rock strata. In the last phase, the magmatic “furnace” rich in volatility caused greater changes and led to many valuable minerals. Interestingly, depending on the characteristics of basement rocks, different deposits were formed, including tungsten in Ban O and Lung Muoi, tin in Tinh Tuc, and radioactive fluorite in Binh Duong.

Subsequent orogenic activities have made Phia Oac the highest area in Cao Bang Province. The climatic sub-regions, in turn, are varied in different elevations, which has resulted in diverse vegetation and special ecosystems, including moss and dwarf ecosystems. Minerals and climate attracted the French during the colonization, and they have made great changes to this land. Minerals were brought to France, and from those, Marie Curie discovered the new radioactive elements named radium and polonium, which then contributed to the important changes of study of radioactive elements in the world. The route of “Discovery of Phia Oac – a land of transformations” also introduces visitors to the Tran Hung Dao Special Forest Special Monument, where General Vo Nguyen Giap and other 34 soldiers led the establishment of Vietnam Propaganda Liberation Army (the forerunner of the People's Army of Vietnam) on December 22, 1944.  The group then made major contributions to the revolution not only in Vietnam but also in the world. The route also brings the cultural experience and local cuisine of the Dao people, which almost stay the same through all the changes of the land.
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