Mountain Angel Eye

Wednesday - 24/01/2024 11:07
"Mountain Angel Eye" or "Nui thung" is an exceptional scenic spot, which promises to be an ideal destination on the journey to experience Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark
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“Mountain Angel eye” or “Phja Piot” (in Tay language means a mountain with throgh-going hole) is in fact a rounded through-going cave c.50m in diameter and c.50m high above the lake, formed about 300 million years ago.

Mountain Angel Eye is situated in the valley of the Thang Hen Lake system in Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark. The place is blessed with enchanting natural scenery of a vast meadow and a blue gem lake. This place has recently become one of the favoured destinations of the youth and is named “Tuyet Tinh Coc” – a remote mountainous place with out-of-this-world scenery.

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From a bird's eye view, Mountain Angel Eye is surrounded by mountain ranges and a winding river - a spectacular landscape.


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