Activites to stimulate the creativity of young students

Tuesday - 21/12/2021 18:24
With the objective to foster young students’ creativity and passion for science, in recent years, departments and branches in Cao Bang have organized activities to nurture students’ intelligence and creativity.
An extracurricular session carried out by “Geopark ambassador club” members of Ngoc Xuan Secondary school (Cao Bang city)

The most important is “Cao Bang provincial creativity competition for students” organized by Cao Bang Union of Science and Technology Associations since 2011 attracting thousands of young students with creative and useful models, of which many models were involved and certified in the “National creativity competition for students”.

Annually, after the contest launch by the Union of Science and Technology Associations of the province, District Offices of Education and Training, Youth Unions of districts and Cao Bang city cooperate to direct the implementation of the contest in schools and disseminate the rules to all students; encourage all classes to participate in the competition. Teachers of scientific and cultural subjects facilitate and support students to adapt their acquired knowledge to create models for the competition.

According to Mrs. Hoang Thi Binh, the Chairperson of the Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, the annual competition attracts 160-200 models of students. Many models are practical, close to the daily life and highly applicable such as models of school supplies, climate change adaptation, environmental protection, economic development, household appliances, toys, and environmentally friendly products, etc.

Particularly, ethnic students from the districts of Bao Lam, Bao Lac, Nguyen Binh, Ha Quang participated in the competition with many creative models despite their difficult conditions. The judges of the competition were very surprised at the creativity of the students. There were many quality models, which were creative, highly applicable and close to real demands such as: mousetrap, multi-purpose lamp, mini electric motor, automatic intelligent lighting and watering system, fishpond protecting and food supplying light system,  blind spot warning sign system, propaganda program on the honorable traditions of Vietnamese in wars against enemies in history and in the struggle against COVID-19 pandemic, etc.

Every year, Cao Bang sends student’s models to participate in the “National creativity competition for students” and many models awarded. The group of La Anh Tuan, Truong Thi Be, and Luc Thi Cam, who are grade 8 students of Cao Chuong Primary and Secondary school (Trung Khanh) won the third prize at the 16th “National creativity competition for students”, 2020 with the model of the traditional costumes of Tay, Nung, Mong ethnic groups in stone materials.

Till now, the competition has been organized systematically and become popular, nurturing the potential and passion for science and technology of students and children; timely commended and rewarded studious and creative students. Many students who have passion for science and technology have passed the entrance exam to universities to continue their passion for scientific research.

“Geopark ambassador club”, a Geopark communication program co-organized by the Management Board of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp and the Department of Education and Training is interesting and helpful to the students in the province, contributing to the fulfillment of UNESCO’s recommendations regarding the designation of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp.

Hop Giang Secondary school students (Cao Bang city) experienced Nguom Slua heritage site (Hoa An district)

Participating in Geopark ambassador clubs, students have opportunities to learn about the Geopark: the establishment of the Geopark, geological- geomorphological, tangible and intangible heritage…heritage values of the geopark integrated in school subjects of Local History and Geography, the protection of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, extracurricular sessions on the Geopark, etc. 
Each “Geopark ambassador club” develops a group of students (who have passion for and good at Literature, History, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, etc) to learn about the geopark and carry out geopark communication under the instruction of the Management Board of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp and geopark experts. The club model is the combination of studying documents about the geopark and field learning experience trips to the heritage sites in the geopark territory to meet the objective of enhancing the effectiveness of gepark education and communication in schools. The students are encouraged to be active actors involved in the geopark preservation and protection.

Nguyen Thu Trang, a student of class 6A, Hop Giang Secondary School (Cao Bang city) said that she was excited about participating in the "Geoapark ambassador club" of her school because she could learn about geopark and different heritage values. Moreover, she understood the responsibility of young students in the protection and conservation of natural landscapes, environment and unique cultural heritage. She and her friends wrote an introduction of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark in English to communicate the geopark values to Vietnamese and foreign friends.
The geopark education and communication program, especially the implementation of “Geopark ambassador club” has contributed to the performance of UNESCO’s recommendations to Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp, matching the criteria with a UGGp.

Source: Source: Cao Bang News

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