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Apart from outstanding cultural, historical, landscapes and geological values of international significance, Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark possesses crucial biodiversity values in the region. Non nuoc Cao Bang geoaprk includes a well protected natural preservation area including 01 national park, 05 species and habitat conservation area, 5 landscape preservation areas, 01 wetland ecosystem and 02 biodiversity corridor. Most of these areas are located in the geopark territory.

Phja Oac-Phja Den National Park was established under Decision No. 57/QĐ-TTg by the Prime Minister on January 11th 2018, by expanding the existing Phja Oac Forbidden Forest in Nguyen Binh district (approved by the Council of Ministers under Decision No. 194/CT dated August 09th 1986). The total area of the national park is 11.960 ha. The National Park has nine ecosystems, in which the natural forest ecosystem (8.584,85 ha) accounts for 71,78%. In the natural forest ecosystems, the sub-tropical evergreen mixed broadleaf-coniferous forest accounts for the most proportion with more than a half of primitive forest-about 3.530,63 ha. The dwarf and moss forest system – typical dwarf forest system of the temperate evergreen forests in the upland area of the Northern part of Viet Nam, which accounts for a fairly area, about 467,60ha. There are about 47 rare floral spices and 66 rare and precious fauna species in the Red book of Viet Nam inventoried in here.

Cao Vit Gibbon Species/Habitat Conservation Area in Trung Khanh mainly includes the moss forest system on limestone and other natural forest systems in Trung Khanh district, bordering with China. The establishment of this conservation area was supported by FFI (Fauna and Flora International) organization in beginning of 2007, once people discovered the existence of a flock of Cao Vit – Gibbon-which was considered to be extinct in this area in 2004. This natural conservation area has a total area of 6.046,00 ha with 9 eco-systems, 41 rare and precious flora species and 19 fauna species.

Tra Linh-Thang Hen Species/Habitat Conservation Area was founded by expanding the Thang Hen Lake National Scenic Spot. It has a total natural area of 5.164,00 ha with 07 eco-systems and 21 rare and specious flora species and 29 rare and specious fauna species.

Ha Lang Species/Habitat Conservation Area was established for protection of the primitive forest on limestone in Ha Lang district. It has a total area of 10.730,4 ha with 7 eco-systems, in which the karst eco-systems has an area of 7.343,00ha, accounting for 58,96%, 37 rare and precious flora species and 39 rare and precious fauna species.

          In addition, there are two other Species/Habitat Conservation Areas, which are not in the geopark territory, in Bao Lac district (the primitive natural forest on limestone and natural forest on mountains area of the two communes Khanh Xuan and Xuan Truong, Bao Lac district with an average area of 3.996,00 ha and providing shelter to 30 rare and precious flora species and 19 rare and specious fauna species) and Bao Lam district (the primitive forest on mountains with an area of 4.569,00 ha includes 5 eco-system (in which, the evergreen sub-tropical mixed broadleaf-coniferous forest on the mountain with the height of 600-1600m, and an area of 3.292,2 ha, accounting for 70,7%).

          The habitat Conservation Areas includes:

Pac Bo Landscape Conservation Area, Ha Quang district: For protecting the Pac Bo Special National Historical Monument, was founded by expanding the the Pac Bo Special National Historical Monument with a total area of 6.354 ha;

Tran Hung Dao Landscape Conservation Area, Nguyen Binh district: was founded by expanding Tran Hung Dao Forest Special National Historical Monument with a total area of 1.143 ha. 

Lang Don Landscape Conservation Area, Thach An district: was founded by expanding the Lang Dong monument (border Campaign 1950) with a total area of 3.997ha.

Ban Gioc Landscape Conservation Area, Trung Khanh district: was founded by expanding the current Ban Gioc and Nguom Ngao National Scenic Spots with a total area of 566 ha, and  

Lam Son Landscape Conservation Area, Hoa An district: was founded for protecting the complex of monuments: Toc Ru Cave, Bo Hoai Cave, Lung Sa Cliff, Ma Van Han’s House, Bo Thay Cave, Nguom Boc Cave, the Mac Dynasty’s Castle, Gie Doong Temple, and Na Lu Citadel with a total area of 75 ha.

The Bang River Wetland Conservation Area: is located across the districts of Ha Quang, Hoa An, Phuc Hoa and Cao Bang city with a total area of 574,8 ha.


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