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Strengthening the global geopark networking is one of important criteria for a UNESCO global geopark. Non nuoc Cao Bang has just been designated the title of Global geopark on April 12th 2018, therefore carrying out networking activities to learn and share experience from other geoparks is important for the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark in the future.

In the past few years, with the support and attention of the Party committee and People’s committee of Cao Bang, especially the support from local communities and tourists’ service enterprises, the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark has achieved remarkable results such as the early submissions of application dossier to UNESCO for  recognition of UNESCO global geopark; established the three routes geopark experience routes with the consultation from UNESCO; completed 05 information centers; Carried out communication and education for communities living in the 3 routes of geoaprk areas; developed 20 geopark partners and parking areas; a system of geopark promotion panels such as IP, A/E, PIGP, GP and sign board in the 3 geopark experience routes, etc; prepared well for the evaluation mission of UNESCO experts. Particularly, on April 12th 2018, at the 204th meeting session, the Executive board of UNESCO approved the Resolution recognizing global geopark label for Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. 

Being aware of the importance of global geopark networking at the national, regional and global level, Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark paid attention to fulfill this criterion of UNESCO on learning and sharing experience in the management, operation and promotion of values of a global geopark model.

For global geopark networking at the national level, since the establishment of geopark, Cao Bang province has paid attention to this activity such as: sent a delegation to met with People’s committee of Ha Giang province to learnt experience from Ha Giang in the development of application dossier, the management and development of geopark model; participated in the Conference on National Geopark Network development in Dong Van, Ha Giang province.

In 2017, the province received and worked with delegations from Dac Nong and Quang Ngai to share experience in the development of geopark model in Cao Bang. In addition, Cao Bang non nuoc geopark joined tourism promotion events, especially the GeoFair in Ha Giang.

Particularly, Cao Bang has paid due attention to participate at events and activities organized by the UNESCO global geopark network to widen cooperation with other geoparks such as: sent a delegation of the province to participate at the 7th global geopark conference in the UK from September 24th October 1st 2016; sent officers of the Management board of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark to participate the training on geopark in Greece and attended the training course on the development, management and promotion of geopark values organized by UNESCO global geopark network in Japan; Participated at the 5th Asian pacific geopark network Symposium in Guizhou, China from September 17- September 24th 2017, organized a presentation booth at the Geofair, in the framework of the Symposium to promote images of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark.

Particularly, one of the prominent global geopark networking activities was the establishment of sistership relationship with Haunte Provence UNESCO global geopark. On April 13th 2018 the delegation of Cao Bang led by Mr. Hoang Xuan Anh, Deputy Secretary/ Chairman of People’s committee of Cao Bang province paid a working visit to Digne les Bains, Alpes de Haute Provence, France and Haunt Provence geopark. The delegation met with President Patricia Garnet, and Chairman of UNESCO global council Mr. Guy Martini, and Digne les Bains elected council members, and some local enterprises. The two Sides agreed to jointly carry out promotion activities and the development of UNESCO global geopark model. After the meeting, the two Sides signed an MoA marking the establishment of sistership relationship between Haunt Provence and Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark.

The establishment of global geopark network relationship with national, regional and international is necessary to the development of Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark. It is not only one of criteria for a UNESCO global geopark, but it is helpful for Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark to improve effectiveness of communication, promotion activities; learning experiences from other geopark in the management, exploitation of global geopark model, especially areas that Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark is not experienced, such as: the management, preservation and promotion of cultural and ecological values in the geopark area.


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