Five-coloured noodles

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Apart from enchanting natural landscapes, Cao Bang is famous for local delicacies. Cao Bang’s rich cuisine is known by many domestic and international tourists. One of the specialities worth mentioning is the five-coloured dried noodles, which is a famous unique and delicious food of Cao Bang.
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Eye-catching image of air drying noodles

Bun (rice noodles) is a familiar dish to Cao Bang people, especially, at Tet or on holidays, it is served in every household. According to the traditional beliefs of the Tay, five colours of the dish represent the Five Agents: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Five-coloured noodles of the local people have beautiful colours and aesthetic appeal; however, the most valuable thing is that the local people use natural dyes from plants and grasses to colour the noodles. When eating, we can feel the refreshing taste of natural leaves blending with the sweet fragrance of highland rice, which creates the uniqueness of Cao Bang dried noodles.

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Bun (rice noodles) is a familiar dish of Tay and Nung people in Cao Bang at Lunar New Year.

To make delicious noodles that have a soft yet chewy texture, the noodle-making establishments have to pay special attention to the rice materials. It is said that the rice for making noodles is Bao Thai rice locally cultivated and carefully selected.
Besides traditional non-coloured noodles, establishments also use natural dyes made from plants and food having typical colours such as brown rice, magenta plant leaves, Momordica cochinchinensis fruits, Butterfly pea flowers, purple sweet potatoes, Pandanus amaryllifolius leaves, etc. to create different colours and fragrances for noodles. The natural colour materials will be blended with rice dough and then pressed to make noodles. Particularly, for corn noodles, the raw material has to be the local maize whose kernels are plump and of even size so that the noodles will be fragrant and have a beautifully yellow colour.


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Five-colored noodles are made from natural ingredients which is good for people's health

Air-drying noodles is the most “eye-catching” stage, so visitors often visit noodle establishments at this time. After being dried in 3-5 days, noodles will be packaged and distributed. To dry noodles, it especially needs to avoid blazing sunshine, and strong winds otherwise the noodles will be brittle and crumby.

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Cao Bang five-coloured noodle brand has attracted many customers in other provinces and localities due to its distinct taste and eye-catching products. 

Cao Bang five-coloured noodles are famous for their special fragrant, delicious flavor, and high nutrient content. After being in the market, Cao Bang five-coloured noodle brand has attracted many customers in other provinces and localities throughout the nation due to the distinct taste and eye-catching products. 
Noodles made from nutrient rice will be processed into delicious dishes. When you have a chance to visit Cao Bang, don't miss this sophisticated delicacy!

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