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Tuesday - 21/12/2021 15:06
Founded in 2011, Kolia Co., Ltd. was named after the French legendary female engineer - Colia, who had overcome difficulties to discover the land in Phja Den, and it was herethat she passed away.
   The Restaurant and guest house of Kolia Joint Stock company.
   The Restaurant and guest house of Kolia Joint Stock company.
The Kolia tea plantation farm is located in the western route of Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark- Experience Phja Oac, the Moutain of transformation. The tea farm is an active geopark partner and meeting all criteria of a geopark partner
Phja Den (Thanh Cong commune, Nguyen Binh district) is considered the heaven as it is as high as 1300m above sea level. Visitors to Phja Den can enjoy the majestic mountains and forests, full of sunshine and floatingwhite clouds. The Kolia Co., Ltd. has taken all of these advantages and established a special reputation for Phja Den.
Kolia Co., Ltd. produces a variety of products under its own brand. The production follows a “clean model”, which not only is beneficial for the ecosystem, but also creates jobs for local people.
Tea is one of the first products of the Phja Den brand. Tea is grown in accordance with International Organic standards with strict and elaborate techniques in the whole production process, from planting to drying and packing. Phja Den tea of the Kolia Company has been sold widely in domestic and international markets, especially the high-demand markets of Taiwan and China.
In addition to producing high quality tea and clean agricultural products, Kolia Co., Ltd. has invested in the Phja Den Ecotourism Resort with many attractions such as a sightseeing dome, flower gardens, rest houses, a cafeteria, a singing room, and physio-therapy treatment, etc. Recently, the Tea farm has successfully piloted the cultivation of organic vegestables to supply safe and environmental-friendly products to the market and serve visitors.
Job creation for disadvantaged group in the community, particularly women and supported the conservation and promotion of cultural values through their support to develop folk and traditional music teams and help them generate additional cash income from their performance to visitors.
The sightseeing dome is located on a high mountain among the green tea plantation. One can find peace and love for this place on a sunny day, appreciating a cup of natural special Phja Den tea, enjoying the cool and fresh air and admiring the romantic beauty of the mountains.

Source: Khánh Linh

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