Long Tong Festival in Ban Gioc hamlet – a typical cultural feature on the East route of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark “Experience traditional cultures in a wonderland”

Monday - 17/04/2023 09:44

On Dap Noi holiday (a celebration on the 30th day of the first Lunar month), the villagers of Ban Gioc, Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district hurriedly prepared for Long Tong festival (going to the field), whose aim is to pray for a bumper crop, favourable weather conditions, good health and prosperity. 

Early in the morning, after laying offerings to their ancestors’ altar, each family in the hamlet prepare a tray of capon, Banh Chung, five-coloured sticky rice, puffed rice and fruits to offer the Land God. Afternoon is the time for interesting folk games and exchanging love songs. 

Ảnh 46
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Trays of offerings that families in Ban Gioc hamlet offer to the Land God


Long Tong Festival is a cultural tradition of the Tay people in Ban Gioc hamlet. The Festival is  originally a ritual to pray for good crops practiced by agrarians, after, they continue their farm work. It is also a community activity, which strengthens the solidarity in the community and creates the joyfulness for a new crop. This is a beautiful culture that tourists can experience when visiting the “wonderland”.

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