The beauty of women's traditional costumes in Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark

Monday - 17/04/2023 09:56

Traditional costumes of the Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Lolo and San Chi ethnic groups expose the gracefulness and natural beauty of women.

The beauty of the Tay and Nung women’s dress comes from the simplicity. Indigo dyed clothes, silver necklace and chatelaine help women look more graceful.

The Dao Do women’s clothes are colourful with red cotton or woolen balls on the two sides of the shirt and intricately embroidered patterns made by the creativeness and skillfulness of the Dao Do women. The Dao Tien women’s dress presents elegance, identifiable by the 2 chains of silver coins on indigo shirt, noticeably, the skirt is trimmed with patterns created by interestingly beeswax printing technique. The Mong women wear pleated skirts with big folds which look like flowers when spread out. The Lolo Den women’s dress is among the most impressive clothing, showing the fitness and activeness of the Lolo women. The Lolo Den women’s dress is identifiable with the predominance of black, with a belly top, two sleeves are trimmed with green, red, purple and yellow strips. The San Chi women's dress presents simple but elegant beauty. The indigo shirt is highlighted with red line at the edge of the shirt, the most predominant is an intricately corlourful knitted belt.

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Traditional clothing of ethnic groups is made by ethnic women who are skillful, creative and hardworking. Decorating patterns on the costumes are associated with their people's stories or legends, their perceptions of the world and universe, and their desire for luck and happiness.

The beauty of ethnic costumes combined with the long-lasting traditional customs and habits of the indigenous people created a unique attraction to Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark.

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