Festivals in Cao Bang

Friday - 31/08/2018 14:19
Festivals in Cao Bang

There are many festivals of different ethnic groups in Cao Bang. The festivals are generally organized to memorize their ancestorsand to pray Buddha for well-being, productivity, prosperous life and happiness. The Tay people have the customs to worship Moon Mother and her daughters for their protection. Each festival has its own peculiarity that attaches to the cultural identity of each locality. For long it has become a form of community cultural activities that are indispensable for local people:

  • Most festivals organized at temples and pagodas take place on 6-15th January lunar calendar (festivals of King Le Temple, Da Quan Pagoda, Ky Sam Temple and Sung Phuc Pagoda etc.);
  • Festival of the Tay people is organized on the first days of the lunar year in every village to invite their Moon Mother;
  • Long Tong Festival (Going out to the field) of the Tay, Nung, Dao, San Chi people to start a new cultivation season;
  • Thanh Minh Festival of the Nung people in Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen District on 6thMarch lunar calendar;
  • Nang Hai Festival – praying for prosperous crops in the districts of Phuc Hoa and Thach An;
  • Firework festival is organized on 2nd Febuary lunar calendar in Quang Uyen District.

    Plough to commence the Long Tong Festival

    Nang Hai Festival in Phuc Hoa District

    Firework competition in Firework Festival of Quang Uyen District

    Dragon dance in Firework Festival of Quang Uyen District

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