King Le Temple Festivals

Friday - 31/08/2018 14:20
King Le Temple Festivals

Temple of King Le located in Den Village, Hoang Tung Commune, Hoa An District. The temple was built on a high hill north of Na Lu rampart which set up by Nung Ton Phuc in the Ly’s Dynasty (XI century), called the Long mound (ie dragon mound). King Le Thai temple (ie Emperor Le Loi), under the feudal dynasties, both the palace, just as the center of economic – culture activity, the king’s military.

Nowadays, King Le Temple is a special artistic architectural relic where local’s festival, cultural activities are taken place. King Le Temple’s festival is held on 6th of January in lunar calendar annually

Temple of King Le located in Den Village, Hoang Tung Commune, Hoa An District

Before the August Revolution and the resistance war against French and American, King Le Temple is a venue for many important events associated with the operation of our Party during the nationalist revolutionary movement, democracy. In 1995, King Le Temple is classified by the State Cultural Historical National level, hosts festivals, cultural activities, entertainment of the people in the region. People to burn incense, funny with praying for good weather, good harvest, everybody healthy , as well as make clear their moral “drinking water, remember its source”. During the festival there are also traditional games and enjoyed the specialties local such as rolls, duck noodle soup, roast pigs …

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