Long Tong Festival

Friday - 31/08/2018 14:21
Long Tong Festival

Long Tong Festival (also known as the feast down copper) is the most important festival on New Year, tied to agriculture cultivation, held in the village to demand agricultural praying – Gods rule management fields, gardens, livestock and villages to be green trees, harvests, cattle thrive, the people prosperous, peaceful village. Long Tong Festival had a long life, transmitted from generation to generation in the community of Tay ethnic, Nung in the mountainous North province – Thai Nguyen and Cao Bang, Lang Son and Northwest provinces. Festival of the Tay ethnic group – Nung at Cao Bang took place from 2nd to 30th Jan(lunar) to open the new planting season (depending on locality).

Festival held outdoors, on a large plot called upon fellow field. Still according to the ancient practice, the Festival split into two parts: First part maybe has thanks to Heaven and Earth, to ask the god of agriculture, god bless the Fuxi good weather, poultry proliferation, peaceful prosperous villages … “Sir Thai Dinh”(who considered temple) is prime Festival or who consider the worship of the Divine Farmer. All families attending will bring offerings deck to land god, the god of the mountain, Than Nong and Thanh Hoang: these are the sumptuous feast, beautiful presentation. Spinner ceremony is usually sticky rice, pork, white wine and cakes as sli import, export slec, references cake, cake, tea lam … In some large-scale assembly, the host also celebrated donate three students (cattle, pigs, chickens or pigs, goats, chickens). On plots to co esplanade Shennong and other gods are set ceiling. The festival began when the gong drum emerges, then the elders and coated nails Shen Nong and Thanh Hoang procession from the family farm, but the family is out on the beach deck procession Assembly. Who chaired the mo initiated all worship the gods and then declared insolvent deck. Engine family with a hearty and invited many guests attend to enjoy the viewing deck of his house which was a blessing for the whole year. There where the elders are invited anomalies, with young girls and boys to follow dance, good for each family thousands goodness. Deck dining is done, people continue to sing and participate in folk games: Pirates also (as Muong, Vietnam midlands playing robbery peeled baked), throwing, tug, rated spin, hit oats, reviews swing, unicorn dance, lion dance, martial arts, dance teachers, blindfolded arrested goat, love singing (vocals glide), local produce contest

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