Quang Uyen Fireworks Festival

Friday - 31/08/2018 14:17
Quang Uyen Fireworks Festival

Quang Uyen Fireworks Festival is a unique traditional festival with the fireworks competition of the communes in Quang Uyen town to pray for a lucky new year, grow rich, found fortune. Every year, on 2nd  February lunar calendar, people and tourists flock to see a display of firework in Quang Uyen.

Fireworks competition in firework festival Quang Uyen

Quang Uyen Fireworks Festival is biggest festival of the people in Quanguyen District, associated with elements history, the spirituality of Bach Linh temple. Temple was built from the Ly Dynasty at foothills Coc Bo, up to Nguyen Dynasty it was completely rebuilt under the Nguyen Dynasty architecture. There is three-door temple gate in front of , forecourt yard, parallel sentences, horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences. Three letters was engraved on port “Bach Linh temple”, with embossed dragons curving, built by brick mallet (Brick the Mac Dynasty), with sculpute picture jade dragon, next dragon phoenix has gathered.

The owner burn incense beseech the Heaven and Earth, god bless for a year  good weather, good harvests, prosperous life, happy and pleased to open dragon eyes. Worship was finished, dragon opened eyes, after three emerging drum to wake dragon, it began to move and slowly flying up, flying around the mine water three times and went to the temple Bachlinh; the temple had offering and  was burned incense, dragon  besought three times, then went an around in temple, then went out.

The offerings include 2 roast pigs, a tray of  steamed glutinous rice, 1 tray of eggs dyed red, 1 tray of  fruit. Solemn ceremony part with 4  procession of pick palanquin up, each palanquin  with for 4 bearers, formal wear. The first is the image of Uncle Ho palanquin procession, the second is genie palanquin procession, third is firework palanquin, the last is roast pig palanquin, and this is reward for the winning team in the game. Following the delegation’s procession is dragon procession, after burn incense in temple, the procession comes to Temple Nung Tri Cao, Tran Hung Dao Temple, ….

Fireworks festival take place ebulliently with many folk games and letters and arts performances, such as dragon dance, lion dance, Luon singing ,  …

Over time the fireworks festival Quang Uyen already exists in the mind of many generations of Quang Uyen people  and it is a indispensable spiritual beauty in each spring.

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