Nang Hai Festival

Friday - 31/08/2018 14:18
Nang Hai Festival

Nang Hai Festival in Tienthanh Communes, Phuchoa District was preserved with meants praying for prosperous crops , the people organized through  many night singing with content both to remember the princess Tien Dao of the Mac  and invite Nang Hai – the daughters of Mother Moon in the sky over the world to visit and help people in their job.


Young womans take part of Nang Hai pick up mother Moon desend on earth


Off ceremony Mother Moon on the sky over the sea

Send-off ceremony of Moons to the sky was held solemnly in a day. Before that mother Moon and The Moons made the farewell ceremony in welcome Moon tent. During the morning, they sang the farewell song, make an appointment the Moons visit the Earth next year, helping people in work or crops.Festival participants include: Mother Moon – a woman with a happy family life, success, good singing, was selected by peope in Nuakhau Hamlet and 24 girls played fairies, in there, picking out two talented girls to play two sisters Moon. The older Moon  wore her golden dress, there is a towel on head with yellow cloth cross towel. The younger Moon wearing red dress, red cloth on head. The fairies dressed in indigo, on head of them are  red cloth, or yellow cloth. The fairies called  lay  midwife  serve two Moons.

Nang Hai festivals of the people  in Tien Thanh Commune, Phuc Hoa District is the traditional festival is both spirit and scientific history because it show ethnic religious, and a reflection  the  aspirations of the Tay peoples particular and other ethnic groups in general, in existence  of mountainous rural areas. But on the other hand, festival is also associated with the development of the Vietnam feudal dynasties such as the Le’s Dynasty, the Mac’s Dynasty.

Festivals in Cao Bang are deeply humane, inclined to the good, to pray for blessing, bud, productivity crop, and desire for better good life. Besides, there are also festivals honoring the heroes against invaders, the festival performed rituals, customs of the ethinic group … At the same time festivals also is place to conserve and preserve cultural value and artistic traditions value. Then singing, rhyme Sli, Luong singing, Phongslu singing, Da Hai sing, Ha Leu singing … with sweet tune, tormenting as well as attractive traditional games are great cultural tourism potentiality of regional Cao Bang.

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