Tra Linh Mandarin

Wednesday - 29/08/2018 13:06
Tra Linh Mandarin

Tra Linh mandarin is a favourtie specie of mandarin. It is planted from a long time ago in Quang Han Village because the soil here can give better quality and capacity. People like it because of the sweet that it only has, less sour, higher nutritions, watery and the beautiful shape. Its price is higher than other species of mandarin.

Today, Tra Linh District has around 60 ha of mandarin, being planted mainly in Quang Han Village and be spreaded to Cao Chuong Village, Lưu Ngoc Village and Hung Quoc Town. Local people have already known intensive agriculture, by strictly following the techniques of growing the fruits, the mandarin make it uses, bringing in 200 – 300 million VND/season income, a lot of family got out of poverty, taking steps to be richer.

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