Promoting values in Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark for Sustainable tourism development

Wednesday - 10/04/2019 14:48
Located in the North of the country, Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark (UGGp) was established under the Decision No 2498/QDD-UBND dated December 22nd 2015 of the People’s committee of Cao Bang province covering the territory of 6 districts namely Ha Quang, Tra Linh, Quang Uyen, Trung Khanh, Ha Lang, Phuc Hoa and parts of the territory of another 3 districts namely Hoa An, Nguyen Binh, and Thach An, with a total area of 3.072Km2. The geopark contains more than 130 geological sites and some of them have international significance; about 200 caves, in which more than 30 caves have potentials for tourism service; a diverse fauna and flora system with rare and precious variety and species, some of them are listed in the red book of Viet Nam (2007); 34 famous genetic of animal and special plants; 09 special used forest conservation areas in which there are 06 protected landscape areas, 02 habitat and species management areas, and 01 national park. Especially, Ban gioc waterfall is ranked as the 4th largest waterfall lying on the border of the two countries by international magazines and Press, and the biggest natural waterfall in South east asisa.
Promoting values in Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO global geopark for Sustainable tourism development

Cao Bang is pround of its acient history, and traditional values; there are 214 heritages in total, and 90 of them are ranked, including 03 ranked as the National special historical monument (Pac Bo, Ha Quang; Tran Hung Dao forest, Nguyen Binh; the 1950 border campaign victor site, Thach An) and 23 heritages ranked as National monument, 64 heritages ranked as the Provincial monument. In addition, the province is famous for various agricultural products, and identical cuisines such as: Canna root noodles in Phja Den (Nguyen Binh), Pear and black jelly in Thach An, chestnut and white jelly (Trung Khanh), Khau Sli in Na Giang (Ha Quang); Rolling noodles or Banh Cuon, sour noodles, roasted ducks, etc, especially the pear in Dong Khe is shortlisted in the 50 tastiest fruit list of Viet Nam in 2015.

Being aware of the importance of preservation and promotion of heritage values in the Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp for sustainable tourism development as one of the key tasks to make sure that heritages are conserved and made use for socio-economic development; while environments natural reouces, heritage, traditional values are preserved and properly exploited for promotion of advantages and potentials of the province. On April 29th 2016, Party committee of Cao Bang province issued the Program No 10-CTr/TU on tourism development period 2016-2020, and established the Proposal on the development of UNESCO global geopark of Cao Bang period 2016-2020.

Visitors can discover the geopark with the 3 experience routes for visitors, Route 1 to the North (Hoa An and Ha Quang districts) “Experience history of Freedom”; Route 2 to the West (Nguyen Binh district) ‘experience Phja Oac-Mountains of transformation”; Route 3 to the East (Tra Linh, Quang Uyen, Phuc Hoa, Ha Lang and Trung Khanh “Experience traditional cultures in the wonderland”. In addition the Geopark has been equipped with a system of promotion panels in the three routes such as: Geopark Information centers, Parking sites (P), site panels (SP), Information panels (IP) and A/E, etc. Till now about 20 geopark members (restaurant, hotel, homestay, craft villages such as: incense making and forging villages, etc) have been developed. Some of geo-products such as Canna root noodles, Kolia tea, Gynostemma pentaphyllum tea, etc; carrying out communication activities for local communities have been becoming an attraction to visitors while improving livelihoods for local community. Moreover, the geopark has paid attention to raise awareness for people in the geopark pm environmental protection, geological heritage; preservation of promotion of cultural values for sustainable socio-economic development.

The communication materials for the promotion of Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp has been paid attention by the province since the establishment of the geopark. In 2018, with the support from the Institue of Geology and Mineral resources (VIGMR) the Geopark developed 4 Issue letters, 3 Guidebooks, Leaflets of the 3 experience routes for the promotion and communication of the Geopark in tourists’ destinations, geopark partners, hotels, homestays, and restaurants; Confernence and workshops; international geopark fairs. These activities have helped bring and introduce imange of Cao Bang and Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp to the world.

          Raising awareness on the Geopark and geological heritages have been one of key activities of the Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp. In 2018 the geopark cooperated with Department of Education and Training to organize communication and education sessions on the geopark in schools; cooperated with the  General Department of Tourism to carry out training courses for tour guides and more than 55 officiers of the Office of Communication and Culture of districts, and geopark partners. In addition, the Geopark also collaborated with people’s committee of districts to organize 7 training courses on raising awareness on the geological heritage and the geopark for more than 800 public officers, employees and employers working in tourism bussiness.  

To meet the criteria of UNESC on the UNESCO global geopark and sustainable development. In the comming time, Cao Bang would continue to enhance the infrastructure of the three experience routes; organize training courses and refresh trainings for geological interpreters and local communities; develop partners of the geopark; and eucation on the geopark for students in schools; develop a communication resource for the geoaprk’s image promotion such as: promotion videos, news, articles, facebooks, tourists’ smart apps. Documentation of indegenous knowledge like the fairy tales, stories, legends, etc in relation to the current ecological, historical, and cultural monuments) also needs more investment in the next phase of the geopark. Moreover, the geopark would research to develop agricultural and handy craft products as geo-products to attract more tourists. It is also necessary for the Geopark to enhance and develop sistership relation with Haunte provence which was signed in 2018; while continueing widening cooperation with Karst Plateau UGGp, Ha Giang, Le Ye UGGp (Guangxi, China), and other Aspiring geopark in Viet Nam. Last but not least, it is crucial for Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp to participate in networking activities hosted by GGN and APGN to share and learn experience on the preservation, development and promotion of geopark model for sustainable development.

 With a system and comprehensive approach and efforts of all level authorities, Cao Bang province would pay attention to complete the infrastructure and facilities in tourists’ sites; continue to develop the geopark’s partners and geo-products and support to the development of tourists’ service cooperatives with integration of geopark information promotion; provide more supports to the preservation of tradditional handicraft village and cooperatives so that these entities can be able to offer qualified products to visitors; Foster tourism-based agricultural production cooperatives, etc to make use of potential and advantages in the geopark area for tourism development and preservation of traditional cultures. By doing so, the province would like to creat an idential tourism brand which can compete with other markets and make tourism become the leading sector for socio-economic development of the province.  


Source: Trịnh Hữu Khang - Phó Chủ tịch UBND tỉnh

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