Different extracurricular activities on geopark popularization and field learning trips of “Geopark ambassador” clubs

Friday - 03/06/2022 11:40
From March to May 2022, the “Geopark ambassador club” of secondary and high schools in the Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark territory organized different extracurricular activities on geopark popularization and field learning trips to geosites in the geopark territory.
CLB Cùng em khám phá CVĐC trường THCS Lê Quảng Ba học tập thực tế tại điểm di sản địa chất Thung lũng treo Sóc Giang
The "Geopark ambassador club" of Le Quang Ba Secondary School in their field learning trip at Soc Giang hanging valley
Học sinh trương THCS Nặm Nhũng dọn vệ sinh tại điểm di sản Cúc đá Lũng Luông
The "Geopark ambassador club" of Nam Nhung Secondary School carried out leaning up activities at Lung Luong ammonite fossils site

Along with activities celebrating the Youth month in March 2021 and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually under control, many “Geopark ambassador” clubs cooperated with the Youth Union of their schools to carry out geopark promotion sessions in various attractive forms such as geopark promotional clip competition, drawing competition, performing plays, traditional costumes of indigenous groups, cleanup activities at geosites, and field experience learning trips…

Các thành viên CLB Cùng em khám phá CVĐC trường THCS Hồng Định tìm hiểu về CVĐC Non nước Cao Bằng
Students of Hong Dinh Secondary School learning about Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark
Các em học sinh đi học tập thực tế và dọn dẹp vệ sinh tại điểm di sản Hang Ngườm Slưa
Field experience learning and cleaning up activities of Hoa An Boarding Secondary School

In these activities, the members of 3 teams of each “Geopark ambassador club” including Culture Heritage team, Geoheritage team and Communication team showed their teamwork skills, their talents and knowledge about the geopark. The clubs’ members cooperated in planning activities and implementing assigned tasks. The clubs’ members also made use of social channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, etc to promote the Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark to their friends, families and community. These activities help raise the young people's awareness about the values of the Non nuoc Cao Bang geopark, the environmental protection, preservation and promotion of traditional cultural, historical, and geological heritage and landscapes in the geopark territory.

Các em học sinh trong CLB Cùng em khám phá CVĐC tham quan nhà Trưng bày Khu di tích Pác Bó
The students of Truong Luong Secondary School conducted an experience learning trip to Pac Bo Special National Monument 

The “Geopark ambassador club” was initiated and piloted in 6 high schools and secondary schools in Cao Bang city in 2019. In 2021, the club model was replicated in other schools in the geopark territory with the objective to effectively implement geopark education and popularization, and support students' learning at schools, 

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