Opening ceremony of the Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival in Hanoi 2023

Thursday - 25/01/2024 14:31
On December 8th evening, the opening ceremony of Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival in Hanoi 2023 under the theme “Non nuoc Cao Bang – a wonderland” organized by the Cao Bang Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) took place at Ba Kieu Temple Garden and Hoa Kiem Lake walking street area.
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Distinghuished guests and delegates attending the Opening Ceremony

Attending the event were Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, Member of Central Party Committee, Standing Deputy Head of Central Propaganda Department, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Member of Central Party Committee, Chairman of Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Member of Central Party Committee, Ministor of Culture, Sports and Touris, leaders of minitries, Vietnam National Authority for Tourism, leaders of Hanoi City, representatives of central and local tourism corporations, associations and enterprises.
On the side of Cao Bang Province, there were Mr. Tran Hong Minh, member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation, Mr. Hoang Xuan Anh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, The Provincial Standing Committee of People’s Council and People’s Committee, former leaders of the province over the years, and representative leaders of Departments and branches, districts and city of Cao Bang. 

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Mr. Trinh Truong Huy, Vice Chairman of Cao Bang Provincial People's Committee gave an opening speech

Opening the ceremony, Mr. Trinh Truong Huy, the PPC Vice Chairman highlighted that being organized in Hanoi, the heart of Viet Nam, the place where precious traditional values of the nation converged and were represented, the Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival was not only about communication and promotion but it also held profound political and humanistic significance. The Festival aimed to introduce to people living in Hanoi, domestic and international tourists the land, people and unique cultural values of ethnic groups of Cao Bang, contributing to the preservation of traditional cultures, gradually transforming tourism into a key economic sector of the province, successfully realizing Resolution No,08/NQ/TW dated January 16th, 2017 of Politburo on developing tourism into a key economic sector and Resolution 82-NQ/CP dated May 8th, 2023 of the central Government on primary tasks and solutions for promoting rapid recovery and effective, sustainable development of tourism. 

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 preformance of Then singing and Tinh lute
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elaborate art performances at the Opening Ceremony

Taking place from December 8-10, at Ba Kieu Temple Garden and Hoan Kiem Lake walking street area, the Festival consisted of many interesting activities such as fashion shows and exhibition of the collections of Non nuoc Cao Bang Ao dai, Non nuoc Cao Bang silk scarves, Viet Nam gam hoa, performing excerpts of Cap Sac ritual (the ritual marks the mature of a man) of the San Chi ethnic people. 

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Delegates pressed the button for the Opening Ceremony

There was also an exhibition of more than 100 pictures introducing tourist attrtactions and cultures of ethnic groups of Cao Bang, geological, Non nuoc Cao Bang UGGp sites and heritage values, performamces of tradtional crafts such as Tinh lulte making, Nung ethnic peole’s leaf hat making, brocade embroidery and printing parttens on fabric with beeswax, brocade weaving and blacksmithing, etc. 

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Delegates visitied a booth displaying local prducts and specialties

Cao Bang Province also conducted 10 booths to display and market unique tourism, cultural and culinary products of 10 districts and City, including 2 booths displaying promotional materials of famous scenic spots, potential tourist attractions, cultures of ethnic groups and Geopark heritage; 6 booths processing and displaying traditional delicacies such as sticky rice with canarium, coong phu (sweet sticky rice balls), sour Pho, Ap chao cake (fried sticky rice balls stuffed with pork or duck meat), back jelly (grass jelly), roast duck, white jelly (a kind of jelly made from a natural plant called mac pup in Tay language), 3-star, 4-star OCOP products and local specialties.

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