Promotion of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark and various exciting activities at the Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival 2023 in Hanoi

Thursday - 25/01/2024 14:55
Right at the heart of Hanoi City, locals and tourists could get immersed in the cultural space of Non nuoc Cao Bang through sweet melodies expressing the praise for majestic nature, the sound of bamboo flute, Then songs, Tinh lute and other traditional music instruments, mountainous cuisine and traditional crafts at the Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival in Hanoi 2023 from December 8-10.

Particularly, in the framework of the event, the Management Board of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark exhibited and promoted the traditional craft products of Geopark partners, attracting the attention of a great number of domestic and international visitors.

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Visitors are taking a group photo at the boorh performing the techniques of printing patterns on fabric of the Dao Tien people
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The booth performs the craft of broacde weaving of the Tay people
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An artisan is making a traditional leaf hat of the Nung An people

The booths of traditional crafts which were conducted thanks to the collaboration of craft artisans and Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark’s partners showcased the following traditional crafts: brocade weaving in Luong Noi (Ha Quang District), Tinh gourd lute making, leave hat-making of the Nung people (Quang Hoa District), blacksmithing of Nung An people in Phuc Sen Commune (Quang Hoa District) and the techniques of printing patterns on fabric with beeswax of the Dao Tien (Nguyen Binh District).

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Performing tradtional clothes of ethnic groups of Cao Bang 
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Diverse local products and delcacies are exhibited at the event
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Visitors get involved in interesting folk games

The Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival is an occasion for the province to accelerate the promotion of the new tourism products to domestic and international tourists, enhance the connection and cooperation in tourism development with other localities and tour operators, and to contribute to the preservation of Cao Bang’s unique traditional culture and the development of Cao Bang’s tourism.
With a total of 20 booths and 3 open-air cultural spaces where visitors and tourists were welcomed to experience sports activities and folk games, the event was a meaningful gift to locals and tourists during the Non nuoc Cao Bang Tourism Festival days; creating a cultural bridge to help tourists have a deeper understanding and affection for the land and people of Cao Bang.

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