Admire the glow of ripening rice season in Non nuoc Cao Bang

Wednesday - 01/11/2023 15:05
Another ripening rice season is “at the door” of Cao Bang appealing to tourists who are interested in exploring Northeastern highlands. In autumn, from mid-September to early October, Cao Bang is cast over the brilliant glow of ripening rice, which fascinates tourists.
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Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO Global Geopark consists of a number of famous scenic spots.

Possessing typical natural features, geoheritage of international significance, majestic landscapes and diverse cultures, Cao Bang has been a ideal tourist destination for a long time. In each season, Cao Bang has its own beauty enchanting visitors. However, the romantic and peaceful atmosphere of Fall evokes a feeling of nostalgia and excitement most. Going here in Fall, visitors will be able to experience a feeling of comfort and refreshment by peaceful and refreshing scenery. From faraway, the scenery of Cao Bang looks like a gigantic ink wash painting created by nature, with its loose brushwork, mountains, falls, winding rivers and idyllic life of mountainous ethnic people are presented.

The time between September and October is called “golden season” of Cao Bang as during this time, paddy fields turn into golden color, Fall casts over the fields a warm gentle light, making them shiny, especially at dawn and sunset. The topography of Cao Bang is quite different from other provinces with a lot of karst mountains among vast fields, creating majestic yet extremely peaceful landscapes.

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The glow of golden season panorama in Cao Bang.

Phong Nam valley, located in Trung Khanh district, more than 50km from Cao Bang city center, is in the East route of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark "Experience indigenous cultures in a wonderland". There peaceful and poetic scenery there attracts a lot of visitors. The bird’s eye view of the valley with the glow of vast fields along the winding Quay Son river and interleaving limestone mountain ranges gets anyone highly emotional. Enjoying the moment of endless paddy fields “getting changed” really makes visitors admire. The ideal time to take pictures in Phong Nam is at dawn, when the early morning sun is shinning and at sunset, when clouds are hovering mountainsides.

The ripening rice season in Phong Nam lasts one month, followed by the harvesting season. According to some experienced tourists, even when the rice is still green, it is unable to underestimate the scenery there. Ms. Tran Cam Anh (a tourist from Hanoi) said: “I have been to Cao Bang many times, but the excitement is still the same as the first time. The weather here is extremely nice. Visiting Phong Nam during this time, you should choose outfits of breathable fabrics in white or pink or brocade costumes for the best pictures."


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The joy of harvest.

The peaceful houses in Phong Nam valley embraced by the spectacular Quay Son river is home to Tay and Nung ethnic people. In Phong Nam, visitors will capture with their eyes the scenery of vast paddy fields, cornfields on the mountainsides and gurgling streams. In addition to the golden ripening rice fields, Phong Nam is also alluring with the peaceful blue sky reflecting on the river blending with the green grass and mountains making here really a fairyland. Particularly, it is not as busy and crowded as it is in the city, which makes it an ideal place for tourists to spend time relaxing and exploring the indigenous cultures in the “wonderland”.

In harvesting season, stretching fields are more glowing than ever with shiny ears of rice swaying in gentle breezes, creating a poetic and interesting view.  At this time, it seems that farmers are reaping the harvest of their hard work during the year. The image of farmers working in their fields, sometimes with buffaloes pulling ploughs creates an emotional picture of people in labour. It is likely that, at this time of the year, crowds of people who are travel enthusiasts and nature lovers flock to take the most impressive and unforgettable check-in photos of  the ripening rice season.

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Trung Khanh chestnuts, a famous specialty.

Besides Phong Nam, it is possible for tourists to admire the “golden season” in the frontier commune of Xuan Truong, Bao Lac District, stretching ripening paddy fields in Can Nong commune, Ha Quang District, terraced rice fields in the hamlets of Hoai Khao, Lung Muoi, Quang Thanh commune (Nguyen Binh District), etc.

Visiting Cao Bang in Fall, on the journey to experience traditional cultures in “a wonderland”, tourists also have a chance to experience harvesting chestnuts with local people. Chestnut gardens which are mainly in the communes of Chi Vien, Dinh Phong, Phong Chau, Kham Thanh, Dam Thuy, Ngoc Khe (Trung Khanh District) are another stop that should not be missed on this journey. There is a “heritage tree” of more than 200 years old, whose trunk cannot be embraced by 2 adults, and the thick canopy casts the shad over an area. Visitors can stop by any gardens of the local people as most of the households have ancient chestnuts in the garden. The chestnuts grow on high above branches, when unripe, they have scabrous outer shell like that of rambutans. When they are ripe, the shell turns brown and cracks, the chestnuts fall off the ground, revealing the nuts with familiar look.

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Picture of a wonderland in ripening rice season.

Experiencing the East route of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark in Fall, it would be a pity to miss the specialties which are gifted by nature such as: Na Po young sticky rice (Trung Khanh District), a simple yet decent local gift. The delicious thinly pounded young sticky rice grains retain their green color. The grains are loose, unstick together but softly cohesive while closed in hand. Or soaked persimmons – another sweet treat of Cao Bang highland. A persimmon is about the size of a chicken egg, with a shiny green and yellow shell. The sweet, crunchy and fragrant taste of this specialty makes it unforgettable for those who have tried it.

There are many homestays in Trung Khanh for visitors to spend the nights, which is convenient for their experiential journey here. Not only does Trung Khanh fascinate tourists with tractions and stunning nature, but it also has many must-try specialties such as pho with roasted duck, etc. Every year, when it comes to ripening rice season in Cao Bang, many Northeast nature lovers are attracted to visit and admire the glowing scenery of the golden season in a mountainous area as if brought out of a painting.

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