Field survey at some geosites in Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark

Tuesday - 05/09/2023 14:21
From August 12th to August 14th, the Management Board of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark conducted a field learning survey at geosites on the tourism routes of the Geopark to serve data collection for teachers in charge of “Geopark ambassador club” of Secondary and High schools in the province.
Field survey at Pac Rang forging village (Quang Hoa District).

According to the program, the teachers participated in the field survey at the following sites: Pillow basalt at Ma Phuc Pass (Quang Hoa District), Mountain Angel Eye (Quang Hoa District), Phja Thap incense making village (Quang Hoa District),  Ban Gioc waterfall (Trung Khanh District)m King Le Temple (Hoa An District), Pac Bo Special National Monumet (Ha Quang District), Phai Khat Post (Nguyen Binh District), Tran Hung Dao Forest Special National Monument (Nguyen Binh District), etc. At each site, the delegation was introduced about the formation of the geosite and experienced geo-products.


Onsite training on tourism routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark for the teachers

This program aims at providing the teachers in charge of “Geopark ambassador club” practical knowledge of geosites on the tourism routes of Non nuoc Cao Bang Geopark. Thereby, offering an environment for teachers to learn, do field surveys and collect data to serve their activities related to guiding students to carry out geopark communication and geopark education in schools.

The teachers had a chance to exchange their experiences while participating in the program.

Source: Cao Bang Geopark

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