Many exciting activities propagate about the Geopark during Youth Month at schools

Thursday - 06/06/2024 10:04
On the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on March 26, 2024, many propaganda and educational activities about Geoparks were enthusiastically organized by schools with many practical and meaningful activities.

Tam Kim - Nguyen Binh Secondary and High School organizes extracurricular activities through propaganda in the stage form to create appeal and attract students to participate; Pac Bo Secondary and High School organizes activities to review historical traditions and participate in unique folk games; Ma Ba Secondary and High School, Ha Quang district “Geopark Ambassador Club” organized an introduction to 4 Geopark tourist routes; Ngu Lao Secondary and High School for ethnic minorities gave presentations introducing the cultural and historical values of Non Nuoc Cao Bang region and performed unique folk music performances; Nguyen Binh Town Secondary School organized a national costume competition to propagate cultural values in the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark area; Thu Xuan Secondary school, Ngoc Xuan Secondary School - City visit and experience learning at craft village and geological heritage sites on the Eastern route; at Doc Lap Secondary School, Hung Quoc Secondary School, Phuc Hoa Secondary School are also organized many exciting activities for students to visit, experience and propagate with the stage form in schoolyard… Nguyen Binh Secondary and High School for ethnic minorities organizes camp festivals and propagates Geopark, life skill education activities… After the above activities, the team organized cleaning and picking up trash around Magic Eye Mountain in response to “World Meteorological Day”, contributing to educating and raising awareness of environmental protection for team members… 

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Through meaningful activities on the occasion of Youth Month and integrating communication activities about Geopark has aroused homeland love, and pride in traditional cultural beauty, cultivated the ability to self-discover and knowledge for students, and also contributed to promoting the values of the UNESCO Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark title.  

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